Beat the shine with mineral makeup

It has been a very busy week for me and my family. The festivities started on Sunday night with the lighting of the first candle in our menorah for Hanukkah. Today we are basking in the glow of the colored lights on the tree as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with many, many family members. To give myself a break I decided to pull out a post from the archives.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

The shine is gone. I have an oily t-zone and typically as the day progresses my forehead develops a greasy sheen. I have tried all kinds of oil-controlling lotions and makeup. Yet it always seems that I wind up with an oil slick across my forehead and down my nose by dinner time.

This is one of the reasons I am such a fan of mineral cosmetics. They have done the best job at enhancing my complexion and coloring without increasing breakout and have even helped to reduce the shine. Even with mineral cosmetics and powders my forehead would develop an oily sheen before the end of my work day.

Until now.

For the past week I have been using Nature’s Source Advanced Oil Control Finishing Powder instead of my usual finishing powder and the shine is gone. The magic must be in the silica and rice starch. Rice starch is oil absorbent and is a common substitute for talc. Silica is not only oil absorbent but it also prevents light reflection.

I love the silky texture of this product and the way it helps to maintain a matte finish on my face throughout the day, which will be fabulous as the photo frenzy is unleashed during the upcoming holidays. A quick dusting of the finishing powder after I had applied all of my other makeup not only controlled the oil, it also worked to smooth and, well, finish my look.

I also tried using the finishing powder as a primer, dusting my face before applying my mineral foundation. It was subtle difference but I believe that my foundation went on a little bit smoother. Once again, that would be the magic of the silica.

One quick warning. This product contains mica so if you have an allergy this is not the product for you.

At $22.50 (US) for a 10 oz. container the price is comparable to my old finishing powder and the benefits are well worth giving Nature’s Source Advanced Oil Control Finishing Powder a permanent home in my makeup bag.

Originally posted on November 13, 2008

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