Clinique Mascara Face Off

Last weekend I discovered two Clinique mascara samples from the last couple gifting times at Macy’s, so this week I compared the Clinique High Impact Mascara with the Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara.

Day 1: On Monday I tested the Lash Doubling mascara. This mascara supposedly magnifies lashes to twice their size. But Lash Doubling did not double my lashes at all. It did give my already long-ish lashes a nice shape which lasted throughout the day, but I was a bit disappointed in the failed claim.

lash doubling mascara

Day 2: Immediately I noticed the full and thick shape of the High Impact brush, convinced it would thicken my lashes accordingly. Their claim was right. The High Impact mascara kicked “up the volume and length of each and every lash” but unfortunately this only lasted through lunch.

high impact mascaraDay 3: Back to Lash Doubling. Compared to the shape of the High Impact, this morning I appreciated the shape of the tapered Lash Doubling brush. Certainly made it easier to reach the corner lashes without smudging mascara all over my eyelids! But again, there was no real doubling effect. Still the long shape of my lashes held strong throughout the day. And washed off easily with water too.

Day 4: The High Impact mascara was easy to put on this morning, but unfortunately I remembered tonight how not easy it is to come off. I did like the traditional shape of the brush and the softer feel of the mascara on my lashes. But again today it did not make it through the day.

Overall, I prefer the Lash Doubling mascara because the tapered brush makes it easy to apply, the shape lasts most of the day, and it washes off easily at night. But the labeling is a little deceptive.

Let’s be honest though. I’m not going to be shelling out $14 for mascara anytime soon. So which is your favorite (affordable) mascara? Or, do you surrender to the price tag for the sake of beautiful lashes?

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  1. I love the High Impact mascara…I’ve been wearing it for years…

  2. I’ve recently started using CoverGirl lashblast and had forgotten how much I liked it!