Preparing to be the Mother of the Groom: The Dress

Not too long after my friend’s great makeover, we went dress shopping.  Fortunately for Tammey’s open mindedness and willingness to put up with me (“Try this on, try that on!”)  she found a dress the FIRST DAY.  She got it in a deep plum shade, but here is the style:

Tiered dress with shawl by Alex

Here she is, without alterations, jewelry, the right shoes or make up, but with her beautiful teenage daughter, who will be a bridesmaid:

Mother and daughter

Shimmery with just a little bling appropriate for the wedding:

  • The plum is complementary to the purple & silver scheme of the wedding
  • …and complementary to her coloring
  • It is appropriately low-key compared to the Mother of the Bride
  • Flatters her “pear” figure and is age-appropriate [Not matronly but not trying too hard, either.]
  • And most importantly, approved by the future daughter-in-law.

Stay tuned for 3 more installments: my dress, her accessories and The Event!


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