Review: Visine Soothing Wipes

I thought stinging eyes were simply the price to pay for removing eye makeup. I had no idea there were other (reasonably priced) solutions. I was ready just to deal with the mascara traces all over my pillow sheets.

I was wrong.

My husband happened to have a little tub of Visine® Soothing Wipes he’d bought when dealing with a scratched cornea last summer (ouch!) and had gotten so frustrated with the mascara on our linens that he asked I try these out to remove my eye makeup at night.

I protested. “But what if I like them? Then we’ll have no choice but to buy a tub of these every month, and that’ll be so EXPENSIVE…”

I knew I would fall in love, and I did. These little cotton pads remove all of my eye makeup without any sting. I can even take off my make-up confidently while wearing contact lenses. They’re not moist like Olay’s cleansing cloths, but they absolutely get the job done.

And you know what? They’re not so expensive after all. You can get a tub of 30 pads for about $6.

It’s a shame Visine isn’t marketing this as a makeup remover.

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  1. I used those for makeup removal too! I got them when I had a stye and realized they could pull double-duty 🙂

  2. I must try these! I hate taking off my eye makeup but these seem like a no-brainer!

  3. thanks for the insights. i’m currently battling allergies with visine anti histamine eyes drops. works like a charm! will try the wipes once the allergy leaves me, i’m confident it will work.
    thanks a million for sharing