Hope (for real) in a Jar

I worked in the skin care industry for a while so I’m pretty skeptical about products that promise change. Yes, you can prevent a lot of things from happening fast, but it is hard to turn back time, no matter how many chemicals or “natural ingredients” you apply.

Then as a bonus gift to myself at Sephora, I decided to buy a sample sized Hope in a Jar SPF 25 from Philosophy. I used it and immediately fell in love with the smell. I had no idea if it was doing anything for my skin but it felt good, had SPF, and smelled amazing so I figured I’d use it on and off with my other Day Solution from Mary Kay that I love.

Here’s the thing, I couldn’t give it up. More than the way it smells and feels, I have noticed my skin looks brighter and more clear than before and it feels so soft. Did I mention this stuff smells amazing? Oh, I did? Sorry.

When my sample started to run out and I realized I needed more, I made an effort to go out and get another jar (this is a big deal, I promise.) That’s when I figured I could safely recommend it.

I will caution, Hope in a Jar contains parabens which I know some people do not want in their moisturizers. I try to avoid them most of the time too and I never use them on my kids, but I will hang my head and admit, hormone disturbance or not,  it is going to be hard to let this little jar go.

At Sephora, the full size 2oz jar retails for $38 and the sample is $15. The sample size lasts me about a month. There are different versions of Hope in a Jar. I can only vouch for the the one that is SPF 20.

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  1. Love everything Philosophy! 🙂