Jewel Kade Just in Time for Mother’s Day

It seems everybody has a jewelry line these days so it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out as an original in the market. Jewel Kade may have found a way. They offer a variety of earrings and bracelets, but their real bread and butter are charm necklaces. Now I know you’re thinking, when did charm necklaces become original? With Jewel Kade, there is a twist to the safe charm necklaces on so many women across the U.S.

First, they present tons of different necklace styles, each unique but all that fit with any of their charms. There are pearls and mixed metals in addition to the standard gold and silver in varying lengths.

Second, they offer all the traditional brushed metal and stamped initial charms, but they also have a variety of other styles I’ve never seen before. I love the shadow box charms. They are double sided with pictures and words so they are visually appealing and can be full of meaning if you pick one to match the wearer’s personal style. They are also substantial feeling without being too heavy.

Gold Key Shadow Box

Wise Owl Charm

I also love the initial charms that are in shadow boxes. They come in a variety of styles both square and vertical rectangles. Each style has different background and can be made in any letter.

Emma Charm for your Royal Friends

Harper Charm for an Urban Girl

Hazel Charm for The Artist

Olive for The Romantic

One could get lost in all the possibilities of Jewel Kade combinations. Take a look for yourself on the website. Then come share with us what your new necklace looks like!

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