Preparing to the the Mother of the Groom: Accessories

I hope you’re enjoying this Case Study for how my friend Tammey is preparing to be the Mother of the Groom.  It’s a tad different than being the Mother of the Bride.  It requires taking a back seat to the Mother of the Bride.  A bit more sedate, humble.  At least it should be.  Tammey found the perfect dress.

The plum number - isn't it gorgeous?

Now to accessorize: shoes, jewelry, purse.  Gold?  Silver?  Statement?  Demure?  “And do I need something for my hair??”

This childhood friend of mine is a simple, outdoorsy person, so I knew we shouldn’t go for anything elaborate.  I’m so glad she called me in to be Coach!  I like to select accessories by considering these 2 important matters: Color and Neckline.

Color – of the outfit and of your skin:  Tammey’s plum dress, and her coloring make either gold or silver go well.  Dilemma!!

Even though I love gold and it’s really coming back, I recommend silver.  Why? It’s a morning wedding in a contemporary building, so I’d go for a more casual, summery, fresh look.

Neckline – of the outfit and of your physique: the neck of the dress has a deep V, and she is blessed with a long, lean neck, both of which allow lots of options.   Do we do a bold necklace and simple earrings?  or simple necklace and bold earrings?  [But not both!] What if they clash with the bling of the dress??

We decided to go SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE.  We first found really pretty, dangly earrings in a diamond cut finish.  They are 3 interlinked circles…  I couldn’t find the exact pair on line, but here’s one I would have been equally enthusiastic about:

These are from Macy's

The texture makes it sparkle

Here’s a detail of the diamond cut which catches the light and lends sparkle without any crystals:

Since we found a pair of earrings that were on the bigger side, that lead us to go very basic with the necklace. The necklace, a simple chain, has a similar cut that sparkles.  These light touches will add an understated glamour:

How about the bracelet? This one would be perfect! Oh wait – it’s $2,600.  I’d better filter the prices!

Oooh, what about this one? I love it! Oh wait, this is about Tammey, not me!  Boo.

Nadri micro-pave sold by QVC

I’m thinking she could just match her earrings and necklace,

Diamond cut bangles from QVC

but it would be fun for her bracelet to match the bling on her dress :

How about some bling?

Remember when selecting jewelry for a wedding, there will be lots of hugging and toasting.  Pick jewelry that will not get caught in other’s hair and dress, or make clinking noises every time you move.  You don’t want your dramatic earrings catching on your great uncle’s hearing aid or someone’s toupee!  Awkward!!

How about these shoes?  PERFECT!  Notice these do not have ankle straps, which would cut the line of the legs – and everyone wants legs to look as long and slender as possible, right?   Naturalizers are comfy, too:

"Prissy" by Naturalizer in New Dime

And the bag.  She hasn’t gotten one yet, but these are what I recommend:

Something fresh from Franchi


Jessica McClintock available at Zappos


I'm thinking old-fashioned, what do you think?

I'd say "yes" to this chain mail by Y&S Handbags









What’s next in the series?  MY dress!  [Let me tell you it has been painful finding a dress.  PAINFUL.]

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