Review: Bokoo Car Seat Covers

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  For Adriana Renton, a busy mother of 3 children, it was a necessity that she find a car seat cover that could easily come off to be washed.  Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, she could not find what she was looking for.  So, in true super mama mode, she made her own, and Bokoo Covers were born.

Now, these are not just scraps of materials sewn together to go over your child’s car seat or stroller.  Every Bokoo Cover is made with eco-friendly, hypoallergenic GreenGuard and organic fabrics.  The covers have also been put through crash tests, fire retardant tests and chemical tests.

That’s how this clever product came about. However, as we all know, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the actual use of the Bokoo Covers by real children.  I must admit that when I first received my Bokoo Cover, I was a little afraid to open the box. I thought to myself, uh-oh, assembly required — two of my least favorite words.

However, I opened the box to a pleasant surprise.  Not only was the Bokoo Cover easy to put over my daughter’s car seat, it took all of 5 minutes. I got the Graco Turbo Booster in the Bubble Gum (pink) color. I really liked how durable the fabric was, while at the same time being soft and non-irritating. My 5-year-old-loved the pretty “princess” color. She also loved that she had what she thought was a brand new car seat.

My daughter loves her new Bokoo Cover. I'm happy that since now I'm able to protect the car seat, her younger sister will also be able to use this car seat.

We barely had it for more than a day when my daughter spilled some of the contents of her juice box all over her and the bottom of the car seat. The juice was grape Juicy Juice, and I was amazed that the juice seemed to roll off, and the excess easily came off when I blotted it with a baby wipe.

Of course at a later date, she went on to spill dirt from the plant she had just planted in school, and since then there have been several occasions in which the car seat cover has been soiled.  Fortunately it was very easy for me to take it off and throw it in the washer and then put the freshly cleaned cover back on the car seat.

While I got the Bubble Gum Booster Seat Cover, there are a medley of colors and styles to suit your needs. On, there are also pillow covers, blankets, stroller covers and other accessories.  Their products are made for Infants, Toddlers and Big Kids, and you can even have your cover or blanket customized with your child’s name on it and their favorite colors.

The car seat covers retail for $69 and can be personalized with names for $10 extra. Bokoo Covers also has a Facebook page where you can find additional information about the products they offer.

If you want the option of being able to wash your child’s car seat cover, or you want to extend the life of your current car seat or stroller, or maybe you are just looking for a cool baby shower or children’s birthday gift, I would recommend that you check out the Bokoo Covers website for an innovative idea that will be enjoyed by your child and beneficial to you.

Disclosure: I received a Bokoo Cover to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated financially for this review, and as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. My sister purchase this kind of seat covers for her daughter, since she have it her daughter is more comfortable setting on it and while her mom is driving she is behave just looking on the outside window.

    • My daughter loves hers also. The sad part is it’s probably the cleanest thing in my vehicle.

  2. says:

    I’m actually thinking about also getting one for my toddler.