Saltwater Canvas: THE Beach Bag

Before I moved to the beach, we were pool people. We spent nearly every day at the pool from open ’till close. With three kids, that requires a lot of gear.

I bought a bag from Saltwater Canvas that was perfect. Believe me when I say I never think a bag is perfect. It has become a running joke in this house that I am perpetually on the hunt for the “perfect bag”. With my S.C. pool bag, I can say I found it. It holds everything – literally, and it is lightweight and indestructible.

Now that we’re beach people, I can add that it cleans up well.  And, because it is mesh, it allows you to leave most of the sand at the beach.

I have the whale bag — the big momma of the bunch. It holds five beach towels with room for a few toys on top. The pockets hold everything else: goggles, sunscreen, water bottles, even a book. (Not that I ever read anymore!) There is a hook for your keys and a zipper pocket inside for small item you want to protect. Somehow, even though it packs all this gear, it is still not hard to carry and never heavy because the bag itself is so light.

The Whale retails for $35.97. I have had mine now for five summers and it looks brand new. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Whale Bag:

There is also the Dolphin Bag. It has all the same great features in a size that is great if you’re a solo or a couple, not a crowd. It retails for $26.97.

Dolphin Bag:

If you’re just out for a quick trip, or you’re a simple girl who just needs sunscreen and an US Magazine, the Pail is the bag for you. If you have older kids, you can also give them each one of these and downsize the load you have to carry! The Pail retails for $24.97.

Pail Bag:

Finally, my favorite new addition to our summer bag wardrobe is the Shower Bag. It’s just big enough for everything we need to wash off the sandy day and because it’s mesh, can be carried into the shower and then left to air dry in our beach locker without fear of damage or mildew. The Shower Bag retails for $15.95.

Shower Bag:

Whichever size you choose, you will not be disappointed with how easy your bag makes life at the pool or beach. Happy Summer!



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