How to Get Super-Smooth Legs

A friend recently introduced me to a fantastic trick to get incredibly smooth, touchable legs.

Shower as normal, then turn off the water.

Use your favorite sugar scrub on your legs.  I used the one below, from Bath & Body Works.

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you don’t use a salt scrub.  It’ll burn like crazy – bad idea!

Anyway, rub the scrub into your skin until it dissolves almost all the way.

And then, before you rinse, shave your legs.  Don’t add shave cream or foam or anything else – just shave the scrub off your legs.

My legs have never been this soft!

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  1. Will definitely be trying this! I need to pick up a non-salt scrub.

  2. I’ll try this one tomorrow… just got back from the beach, wish I had known this tip before I went!