Summer’s Must Have Deal of the Week

Purple Kimono dressOk chic ladies, I just opened this week’s Target flyer and found that my absolute favorite find of the summer is on sale! A few weeks ago I was cruising through Target and saw this colorful rack of soft cotton kimono style dresses by Mossimo on sale. I grabbed a purple on and threw it in my cart thinking it might make a cute bathing suit cover-up.

Well when I got home and put it on over my swimsuit to hit the pool, I fell head over heels in love with it! I really had my doubts that it would work for my curvy figure but it could not have looked cuter! The fabric is super soft and washable and I ended up staying in that dress all day even after the pool, wearing it shopping and to dinner because I felt so cute in it. This dress looks as great over a swimsuit as it does just by itself. It looks adorable over flip flops and you can dress it up with pretty sandals and a little jewelry. I swear this dress is as versatile as they come. It’s a perfect travel piece for your summer vacation.

This week it’s on sale again for a mere $15!!! They have like a hundred different colors available (ok, maybe not a hundred…but a lot.) So I will be hitting my local Target today and grabbing a couple more colors. I think you should pick one up and try it out yourself at that price. Trust me. You’ll thank me.

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  1. i have that dress in black! and i LOOOOOOOOVE it! i wear it as a sundress and get tons of compliments on it. maybe i need to pick up more 😉

    • I looked for black but they were out at the store I went to. So I got a cheery aqua colored one! Now I have two!