AE Denim Sale

Drop what you’re doing right now.

Seriously, drop it. {Um, except if you’re holding one of your kids or your great-grandmother’s china or something. Then you can just set it down nicely.}

Ok, now head over to American Eagle Outfitters and buy yourself some new jeans! They’re have a great sale on all of their jeans for a limited time, PLUS free shipping on an purchase that includes a jean purchase!!!!

I know American Eagle goes for  “younger” crowd – but their jeans are great for all body types. Proof? My sister has a teeny waste and a J-Lo booty and swears by their jeans. My problem is the exact opposite – I have more of a tummy and I’m narrow through the hips and thighs and I swear by their jeans.

Need some more inspiration?

How about grabbing yourself a pair of flares since they’re all. the. rage. for the fall:

on sale for $29.99 my friends – down from $44.50

Hesitant to be too trendy? Go for the classic boot cut:

$39.99 down from $44.50

Still holding on to Jeggings {me too – fiercely}?  They’ve got you covered:

$34.99 down from $39.50

The moral of the story? Jeans are awesome. They’re awesome-r on sale. So you should totally buy some for yourself. And for me too, as a here’s-you’re-reward-if-you-drop-the-baby-weight quickly present. Or something 🙂

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  1. I love the washes at AE!