Fall Fashion Preview: BOOTS!

I’m sure you’ve all had a blast with fashion this summer – but being pregnant has kind of put a damper on it for me. Not that it’s not possible to look fab while being pregnant, but I miss my pre-pregnancy bod, and I’m looking forward to the fall, when I won’t be rockin’ a basketball anymore. It just doesn’t go with anything.

So I was checking out my favorite shoe stores recently {my feet are the only part of me that hasn’t swollen – praise. the. LORD.} and I was beyond thrilled to see some great boots for the fall. And since I’m hoping {and praying, and meditating on, and lighting incense over, and,well, you get the picture} that my pregnancy weight will just fall off after this baby comes out some time in the beginning of August, I’ve decided to dream {and drool} over some looks for the fall with some of my favorite boots so far.

How great are these boots from Bakers Shoes? And how wonderfully they go in this ensemble:


What about these from Aldo shoes? And with this look:


These are DE-LISH. With this look:

blazer jeanscami

Are you ready for fall now? I sure am!

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  1. omg the oxford wedges? swoon.

    • i know, right? i’m trying to figure out if I should drug luke and get him to sign something saying i can have them or use the fact that i’m giving him a son first as leverage. any suggestions?