Gray Jeans for Fall

I don’t know if it’s a “thing” or not for fall, but I’ve seen gray jeans come up on a couple of occasions lately. I think I like them! Here’s what I’ve seen:

Miraclebody Jeans Skinny Minnies in Granite. Image via

Pair #1, Miraclebody Jeans Skinny Minnies in Granite. I’ve eyeballed these beauties before (please note: Giveaway was from February 2011, and is closed), and I still think they’re pretty awesome. Miraclebody also sells a Granite pair in their Samantha (boot cut) style, but based on my limited experience with the brand I am partial to the straight legs and skinnies.

Moving on…

Lands' End Canvas Super Slim Jeans in Gray Vintage Distressed. Image via

Pair #2 is the Lands’ End Canvas Super Slim Jean in Gray Vintage Distressed. I’ve not tried anything from Lands’ End Canvas, but I am a big fan of Lands’ End in general… so I’m guessing these would be good. Plus, the price is right! At time of writing, these were marked down to just $23.99. Ooo la la!

Gap Long & Lean Lightweight Jeans in Rushmore. Image via

Pair #3 is Gap Long & Lean Lightweight Jeans in Rushmore. Come on, friends. We all know this is the pair that will make the cut. My love affair with Gap Long & Lean jeans is well documented here on All Things Chic; it’s a habit I just can’t quit. Whether they come in dark wash, medium fade, white or now gray… chances are good, they will be mine. Plus, right now regular price jeans are $20 off. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to click “Place Order” on my cart right now.

Look for them in an upcoming What I Wore Wednesday! 😉

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  1. Well, naturally. The Gap jeans are not $20 off anymore, BUT – there is a flash 30% off sale this afternoon! That would make them about $18 off, so get on that at 3 p.m. EST if you so desire. 😉