Who Loves Boots? I Do!

There are lots of a few things I like about summer, but there is one thing that makes me SO! EXCITED! for fall…


Let’s take a look at some, shall we? I know it’s still 90+ degrees where I am, so I can’t get *too* excited about things, but hey. ONE day it will be cool enough to wear them, right?

First up, Old Navy’s Fold-Over Ankle Boots. At first glance, these don’t seem to be “all that.” But I have to say, I bought a pair of boots from Old Navy last year and they were the surprise of the season. I kept finding excuses to wear them because I loved them so much.

Old Navy Moto Boot - you can wear them up or folded down, but reviews seem to think they're a little harder to wear "up." Image from OldNavy.com.

There’s another pair I see at OldNavy.com, the Faux-Leather Shootie. If I can ever get past the fact that they are called “shooties,” I may have to give them a try. Come on, now. Shootie? Really?

But the gray is really nice, isn't it? Image from OldNavy.com.

There’s a pair I really love, but I think probably just because it’s called the Coconut Becky Riding Boot. Coconut Becky. That about sums things up, doesn’t it? The cognac color is gorgeous – it goes with so much!

Coconut Becky. HAHAHA! I'm sorry, but that just makes me laugh. Image from DSW.com.

And last but certainly not least, the Belt Accent Wedge Boot from Lane Bryant. Ladies – if you have wide calves, even if you aren’t plus sized, Lane Bryant usually has a decent selection of wide calf boots for a reasonable price (and they almost always have some sort of coupon or sale going on). Plus, you can order online, pick up in store (free shipping!) and return on the spot if they don’t work for you. Awesome!


These *may* have jumped into my cart already, and I *may* have also bought another pair, too. Hey, they were 50% off! Two pair for under $80? Come on, now. Image from LaneBryant.com.



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  1. um.. that pair of boots SHOULD TOTALLY be in your cart! GORGEOUS!!

  2. Haha, don’t be put off by it being called a “shootie.” they’re usually smart enough to not actually put it in the name, but any “bootie” that’s really more of a shoe is called a shootie! you just usually wouldn’t find anyone who doesn’t work in the shoe industry using the term 🙂

    • HAHA! I know. It’s just so… dorky-sounding, I guess? “Oooo, I like your shooties!” 😉

      They are pretty cute, though, aren’t they?