Double Your Pleasure with Reversible Tights!

Filed in the “why didn’t I think of that?” category, have you guys tried reversible tights yet? Oh em gee! These things are AWESOME. By purchasing just two pairs of tights, all of my basics are covered: brown, gray, and black times two!

Here’s what I have:

Spanx Tight End Tights

I have the Spanx Tight-End Tights Reversible in Black/Bittersweet.

Pro tip: These retail for $34, but I got mine at Stein Mart for under $20.

And because I just couldn’t stop there….

Spanx has a cheaper version at Target! These are from the Assets collection.

I also have the Assets Reversible Shaping Solid Tights in Black/Dark Gray. I got these at Target for, again, less than $20. While $40ish may seem pricey for two pairs of tights, in my mind it’s actually like having FOUR pairs. And I wear them all season long, so my cost per wear is minimal. It’s a great way to stretch your fashion budget, while also minimizing drawer space!

OK, yeah, I know. If I keep buying cool stuff like this, it’s not exactly minimizing my drawer space. But work with me. IT’S A GOOD DEAL, PEOPLE. 😉

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  1. this. is. brilliant.

  2. Thank you for this review…I love your blog. Excited, I ordered the tights from target and was so happy it was free shipping!