Stuff I Like: Mascara

Ever come across a product SO GREAT that you want to shout it from the rooftops? Me, too! Welcome!

I think I may have found the greatest mascara ever. Say hello to Fresh Supernova mascara:

Don't you get fresh with me! Oh, wait. Yes, please! Get Fresh with me!

I came across it as a total fluke because I’d purchased this set (which, sidebar: If you’re not familiar with Fresh’s lip treatments, I highly recommend. Also filed under Stuff Becky Likes.) and I happened to have dropped my regularly scheduled mascara on the bathroom floor (ew). I searched through my makeup extras bag and found this sample size gem, and now I truly can’t get enough. My lashes are fuller, longer, more defined, and completely amazing with this stuff. I love it!

I’m a huge CoverGirl mascara fan; my love for both its value and quality runs deep. So for me to actively lust after another brand? This is huge, people.

Bottom line: CoverGirl is still my every day go-to, because I just can’t justify spending three times as much as usual on mascara. But bet your bottom dollar that every third tube or so? I’m totally going to be splurging the $25 to get Fresh. Oh yes I did just go there.

How about you? Any makeup splurges and/or mascara faves? Do tell!

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  1. Fresh Supernova is my FAVORITE mascara! i always get compliments on my lashes when i wear it! it’s the best! : )

  2. i’ve tried this before,it’s great! my favorite is still bare essentials though.

  3. Ooo, I’ve never tried Bare Essentials mascara. Noted!