Project Runway Recap: Episode 3

Week 3 – I’m with Nicole here: The judges don’t quite seem completely comfortable in their rolls yet, and the absence of Isaac this week didn’t help matters. But this show is about the designers, right?

I’ve gotta be honest here – I really thought this week’s challenge was a bit of a joke; they designers had to come up with a flamboyant cocktail dress for – are you ready for it? – Miss Piggy to wear to the premier of The Muppets.

Um, ok.

I was anxious to see how they were going to pull this off. I mean, Miss Piggy guys. MISS PIGGY.

Each designer was allotted some cash and shopping time, and then it was off to work on their creations. I was really expecting to see some diva-drama in this episode, but aside from some minor bickering over accessories, everyone seemed to keep their acts together. Surprisingly, there
were many different looks shown on the runway. I really thought creativity would be limited considering the client, and her preferences.

*spoiler alert*

Sent Packing: Gordana. This actually bummed me out because I don’t really think she should have gone home. I loved the femininity of the flowy pink fabric she chose and, ok, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I really thought it was an appropriate dress for Miss Piggy.

Challenge Winner: Michael. While I don’t agree with their decision, he did create a beautiful dress. I especially love the ribbon detail on the right. Plus the fabric was just beautifully patterned.

Personal Favorite: Anthony. Anthony. Anthony. Anthony. I loved his dress. To me, it was one of the most wearable dresses in the bunch. I know I would rock it, that’s for sure. I love the stripe detailing of the fabric, I love how versatile it could be for women of different shapes and sizes. And I love the feathers. Just fabulous.

Personal Worst: Austin. Um, did they keep him because he won last week? Because his dress= Train Wreck. What’s with the bows? And the odd color-blocking? And the colors? Yuck.

What say you fellow Project Runway Enthusiasts? Dish.

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  1. I definitely agree that Austin should have gone. His dress was awful. And I thought Anthony’s was beautiful. But Ramy’s fit the challenge best, in my opinion. His dress said Miss Piggy to me more than the others. I also think Mila is going to have the same problem with this season as her original season–not much variety in her style point-of-view.

    I’m so glad they cut the show back to an hour. It is more about the clothes and less about the drama, which is fine with me. I miss Tim though!