Fashion Friday: How To Find Swimsuits For Every Body Type

All through winter we looked wistfully at the beach, at the open pool, at the frozen lakes! Now that we can smell the summer, the wistfulness has turned into anticipation!  Are you ready for the swimsuit season?  Here are some tips before you buy the swim suit for this summer.

1. For Flattening The Tummy
Aren’t we all looking for a flat tummy!  Tummy control panels at the front instantly flatten and smooth out the belly area for a falttering shape.
2. For Chest Support 
Women with fuller chests should look for the underwire suooprt in a swimsuit top. Make sure that the swimsuit fits properly at the sides lest your cup runneth over!
3. For Full Coverage – 
If you want to lounge by the pool in modesty, the swimsuits  with inbuilt cover-up skirts and full coverage seats.  Swim dresses, tankini top and boy shorts also work great if you want to cover up more.
4. For Gaining A Fuller Chest –
A bandeau bikini top gives the illusin of a bustier chest. Push up bikini tops are also great to gain cleavage. Bikini tops with frills or fringes or metallic embellishment also give the illusion of a fuller chest.
5. For Pear Shaped Body –
For women with pear shaped bodies, shopping for swimwear can be a challenge. If you have a pear shape body, buy tops and bottom separately. You may be  a small in the top, but you may need a medium or large size  for bottoms. Swim bottoms with strings, high cut retro styles or cut-aways in the hips take attention away from the hip, thus balancing the shape.
 And now it is time to make a splash in style!

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  1. ooh, LOVE that secy ShopBop lace up swimsuit…SUPER cool.
    Great round up and tips!

  2. Colleen says:

    Hi! I am always looking for advice for swimsuits for every body and yet I never see one that matches my needs. I am 6 ft tall with a long torso and a large bust (DD-DDD). I would like to find a tankini that works for my frame. I have been wearing Lands End for years, but I always have to sacrifice one fit for the other. I can get a large bust fit but not at the same time that I can get a long torso fit. Last year I branched out and purchased an Athleta tankini that said it was both, long torso and DD cup. I tried it on as soon as it arrived and it was not even close to holding “the girls” in and the length of the top was not as long as the standard length on the LE suits. I should probably just continue with Lands End but there selection becomes limited when you have specific needs and frankly I am kind of bored with the patterns, styles, etc.
    Can anyone help me?

  3. Colleen, I saw some good swimsuits with long torso in Kohl’s. I am 5’8″ and they were little long for me, but I think they should fit someone taller than me. Hope this helps.

  4. Aspiring New Moms says:

    The miracle suits really do flatten a tummy. I absolutely love them! This is a very helpful article 🙂

  5. Hello, I have linked up and linked back.

  6. I need the last three please!

  7. I submitted a swimsuit post for my freelance gig the other day! Love your take on it!