After Flats Review

I walk about ten minutes every day on my way to the office, which means I usually pack a paper DSW bag with my heels and parade around town in a random pair of flats.So when I heard about AfterFlats, I was thrilled to give them a try.

These are cute, comfortable ballet flats that fold neatly into a tiny clutch for storage in your purse. And when you’re ready to switch out your heels for these flats, voila! The tiny clutch converts into a tote bag for carrying said heels.

Sadly, they just aren’t meant for walking longer than five minutes, so my ten minute walk to the office and ten minute walk back home was just too much for my cute little AfterFlats. And while the clutch turned tote bag is certainly nicer than my paper DSW bag, it is noticeably plastic (and wrinkles easily). So don’t plan on carrying this tote at formal events.

Still, while AfterFlats are not the ideal solution for commuting, they would make an excellent bridesmaid gift. AfterFlats even offers a special Wedding Collection with ballet flats in white, silver, and black shade.

What a treat to slip into these ballet slippers after a long night of dancing! The tote bag and heels can be safely stowed at the head table while your bridal party mingles in comfort and style.

As for sizing, I wear a size 9 shoe and ordered the Gold ‘n Gorgeous AfterFlats in large. They were just the tiniest bit too tight, so I would definitely recommend ordering a size up.

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  1. I tried another brand earlier this year and found the same thing. Definitely perfect for the shortest walks but I can think of many weddings when I would have liked to change into these puppies. Good for bridal party and guests too. ;D