Black Lip Color?

I was perusing InStyle (when I should have been folding laundry) tonight and was surprised to read that black lip color is still considered the “new” trend. I didn’t like it when it became a trend in 2010. And admittedly, it was a bit of a relief to discover that Clinique’s Black Honey was really more of a brownish-red tint.

But Bobbi Brown’s Black Pearl and MAC’s Black Knight both look like the real deal. Totally black lipstick.

To me, black lip color just screams goth, and I can’t imagine real people wearing black lip color successfully off the runway. Do you disagree? Have you pulled it off?

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  1. NO. Just no. I was around when black lip color attempted to be popular in the nineties….and it was bad then. There is no way that it has somehow gotten better in the last fifteen years.

  2. I agree, on white people it comes across as goth or Halloweenish but I think it looks amazing on darker skinned women.

  3. Puh-leez! We are not morons. If someone want to wear black lipstick, I’m sure there’s a freak show waiting right around the corner for them.

    • This is just the kind of awesome, tolerant attitude that keeps our country great! Way to embrace diversity!

  4. I’m too old. Just gross.