Disney Outfits That Aren’t Dorky

Going to Disney soon and don’t want to look like a total geek?

Or do you want to show your Disney pride without looking like a five year old? Well then, these looks are for you!

First up is a cute ensemble I assembled with my teen eye on Polyvore:

This collection features a yellow Mickey shirt, set off by the black skirt, and gray toned Alice In Wonderland tights. The bag and the jewelry tie the whole thing together into a catwalk ready statement.

Next is a character theme: Tinkerbell. Often overlooked as a Disney Favorite, Tinkerbell is easy to make into a cute outfit by using a little green and some gears (for her tinker side)

Next on the Disney stage is a Princess, not the typical ballgown style princess, but a little more modern.disney for teens

These are some cute Disney style fashions that will take you from geek to chic!

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