Makeup Tips for Eye Allergy Sufferers

Spring and summer can be torture for those of us who suffer from eye allergies. Personally, I get tired of my itchy, red eyes making me look like I had a bit too much last night! But I’ve found some tips and tricks to help with this battle!

makeup for allergy suffers

To relieve discomfort:

  • Remember your allergy medicine! I’m a Claritin gal, but whatever helps you the most. Take it every day. EVERY DAY.
  • Use eye drops formulated for allergies every evening. Even if your eyes aren’t bothering you that day, try to make this part of your daily routine to see the most relief.
  • Soothe puffy eyes on contact with Mary Kay’s TimeWise┬« Targeted-Action┬« Eye Revitalizer. This addresses the multiple causes of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, but it also comes with a cooling sensation as the revitalizer begins to work within seconds of applying. It really soothes allergy eyes!
  • Hold a cool, wet washcloth over eyes for a bit of relief from puffy eyes. Or keep a gel mask in the fridge.
  • Remember to wear a good concealer under the eyes to diminish dark undereye circles – use a creamy concealer, to combat that dryness.
  • You need waterproof makeup that is GENTLE. Your eyes are sensitive enough already – be kind back.

What are your tips for living with allergy eyes?



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