Life Needs Some Everyday Luxury

What is everyday luxury?

Its the little things that make ordinary things extraordinary.

Like stopping at the farmers market for fresh produce – nothing better.

farmers market

Enjoying a glass of wine while making dinner.

wine before dinner

Adding fresh flowers to your shopping cart.


Using a pretty pitcher instead of a plastic one.

detox water

Small touches can make the difference to your family – and to yourself.

After long day at school followed by a chilly soccer practice, children feel instantly at home when sitting down to a set table… even if that meal is only a batch of homemade lentil soup that was simmering on the stove all day. It says, “I’m home” and warms them in more ways than one.


Or when my husband comes home from work – taking the time sit down for a bit and enjoy some conversation, nibbles and wine after a day apart.

entree wine glasses

That’s why we love our Villeroy & Boch Entree Everyday Crystal Drinkware. They really help me to add those special little everyday luxuries that make our house a home. Not only are they amazingly affordable (stems and glasses,$7.95 each and the pitcher, $39.95), but they are so durable that there is no need to save them only for special occasions!  Villeroy & Boch’s everyday crystal drinking glasses are the most durable and cost effective material for stemware, barware and casual drinkware. It easy has lived up to our everyday use without clouding or chipping: even withstanding our granite counter top and fiercely independent five-year-old!

We’ve been shopping for stemware for almost a year now and we are so pleased with Villeroy. They’re the perfect size, weight and feel so luxurious. After shopping around for months and not finding what I wanted – or finding what I liked only to discover they were $50 a glass – I’m thrilled. I need to get the white wine set to add to my collection – and at these prices, I can afford to fill up my new china cabinet!

Disclosure: I received these products to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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