Make the Right Choice. Get A Second Opinion.

This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When we were moving, we had to have several estimates for repairs we needed to do and we were shocked at the difference costs we heard from contractors. We got three estimates for one job and they were within a thousand dollar range. Another job we got one estimate for $1,200 and another for $450. Its so important to shop around – whether its for a pair of shoes or an expensive home repair.

So when my husband’s dentist recommended quite an expensive and evasive procedure, he decided to get another opinion. He went to another dentist who was shocked – SHOCKED – that his dentist was suggesting that. He didn’t need it at all and had he not questioned his dentist, he would have gone through not only a painful procedure, but paid hundreds of dollars.

When our dentist just mentioned our daughter needing braces, you can bet we’ll be talking to a couple of doctors before we make our decision! I hope she is a candidate for Invisalign!  No more wires and brackets required – Invisalign is the clear alternative to those horrible metal braces I had growing up. Its a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually move teeth, with no food restrictions, ability to easily maintain healthy dental brushing habits, minimal interference with sports or other activities, and teeth get straightened without most people knowing you are in treatment.  How great would that be for a kid? Like teen girls need one more thing to be self-conscious about.

Invisalign conducted a nation-wide survey to support an educational campaign they recently launched that highlights the importance of getting a second opinion when considering teeth straightening procedures. The survey found that Americans are more likely to seek second opinion for a major car repair than for a medical procedure or straightening their teeth. 


To help bring awareness to the importance of a second opinion, Invisalign is giving away $50 a day in instant win prizes through Oct. 15 plus a chance to win a $1,000 grand prize in their Second Opinion Sweepstakes and Instant Win. Enter each day until you’re a winner!

Have you ever regretted not getting a second opinion?


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