Get Warm (and Chic) with Lands’ End!

Lands’ End is kicking off the #GetWarm Twitter and Instagram Promotion, offering a chance each day between November 13 and 20, 2013 to win your favorite Lands’ End outerwear.

On Isntagram, simply follow @LandsEnd_PR (which you should be doing anyway) on Instagram, post a photo of your favorite Lands’ End outerwear and tag the post with a fun hashtag of your choice to describe the coat (ex: #style, #warm, #color) and #landsend. Each day at 4:00 p.m. CST, one lucky Instagram follower posting their favoriteLands’ End outerwear and descriptive hashtag will be selected at random to win the coat featured in their post. I’m sharing THIS LITTLE BEAUTY:

On Twitter, change your Twitter profile picture to your favorite Lands’ End coat for a chance to win the outerwear featured in your profile picture! Everyday at 4:00 p.m. CST, one lucky Twitter follower showing off their Lands’ End coat style will be selected at random to win their picture-perfect Lands’ End outerwear.

Just tweet:

“@LandsEndPR this is my favorite Lands’ End coat! Find yours here #landsend #getwarm”

I LOVE my Lands’ End coat – I wear it all the time and every time I do, I get compliments. One lady even told me it “looked like a coat Kate Middleton would wear.” Is there a higher compliment? Mot in my book ;-)



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