Save Your Hands with Casabella Gloves

Hot water and harsh chemicals damage our skin and nails, especially at the sink. When washing dishes, the hot water and dish soap weaken fingernails, leading to torn nails and chipped polish, not to mention dried out cuticles.

The simple solution is, of course, to wear cleaning gloves. But I’ve never been a fan of the ugly, uncomfortable gloves I normally associate with cleaning. That all changed when I discovered these Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves.

Casabella Premium Water Stop Cleaning Gloves

Available in three sizes and gently tapered for a perfect fit, these lovely pink gloves are workhorses. When I put them on, I can’t feel any heat from the hottest water my sink can handle and the Water Stop feature keeps my arms (and sleeves) dry.

Unlike other cleaning gloves I’ve tried, the finger tips are textured, which allows me to get a good grip on soapy plates, and the cotton flock lining is comfortable. The best part is that for only $7, they keep my hands looking good while cleaning and after, all without breaking the bank.

With the holidays coming up, we’re all going to have several extra loads of dishes to do. Do your manicure a favor, and wear cleaning gloves to wash the dishes.


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  1. I so need these!!!

  2. This one just came on time, there will be loads of dishes to wash in the coming days!
    I ,like to apply skin cream to my hands before I wear the gloves, this way my hands gets an extra hydration and prevent dryness 🙂

    • I don’t do dishes as much as you do, but whatever I have to, I always wear gloves and usually apply lotion before putting on them – my hands aren’t the prettiest thing ever, and I may have some sort of psoriasis :/ but at least I prevent them from getting worse…