Fit Style to Street Style

I’m a busy gal. With three kids, a dog, a job and an increasingly busy schedule, I hit the ground running at 6:30am and generally don’t stop until 8:30pm when the kids are all in their beds.  My husband travels quite a bit, so many days its just me playing cook, maid, taxi driver, homework tutor and dog walker. And when it gets really busy, what is the first thing to go? Mama’s time. I skip that Pilates class because I have to run to the grocery store or finally get my running shoes on, only to realize that I have to pick up someone from swim lessons in only 10 minutes. My days are generally so focused on everyone else that I forget about me.

But this year, my New Years Resolution was to MAKE time for me.  I WILL make time in my day to get myself to the gym or go running. PERIOD. No excuses. And I know I’ll be a better mom for it. How will I do that? Multitasking. With just a few pieces in my gym bag, I can go from workout to life with just a few changes.

How cute is this? Worn to an afternoon meeting at school: All I did was throw on a jacket over my top I did Pilates in and replaced legging with jeans. VIOLA! Only one piece necessary in your gym bag.
jacket: Athleta City Chic Coat $98
top: Athleta Shiva Top $42 {mine is old, but a few remain on clearance!}
jeans: Lee {old, similar}
boots: Michael Kors {old, only available on eBay}
This outfit is one of my favorites. I can just throw on a sweater dress over my yoga top and leggings and I’m  ready to meet a friend for lunch! athleta8
dress: Sochi Sweater Dress $69
{That dress was one of my best purchases this past fall! I wear it all the time!}
leggings: Athleta Chaturanga Tight $64
boots: UGG Bromme {sold out everywhere. Try eBay}
And even for just when I’m heading straight home… Just kidding. When do I do that?  How about when I need to run the kids to GOTR or dance, I can still look good and stay comfy by throwing on a sweater and a scarf.
sweater: Free People {old, similar}
scarf: Lolly {sold out}
leggings: Athleta Chaturanga Tight $64
boots: Target $34

How do you work out in winter?


disclosure: This post is sponsored by Athleta. I was provided with a gift card to shop and facilitate this post, but shop there all the time anyways!

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  1. You look so chic you’d never know you just worked out!

  2. 3 great outfits – best of luck with your “me” time in 2014!

  3. I love a good combination of chic and functional, and all of these pieces are just that! I was browsing through the latest Athleta catalog the other day and thinking how so much of the collection is made for going from gym to just about anywhere in style!

  4. Love these tips. I always hate run out in work out gear but what you have done you would never know!

  5. I love the Chaturanga Tights. I looked at those the other day when looking for new yoga pants

    • I’m hooked, Caitlin! I have several pairs and I wear them all the time! They are one of the only brands that stay put and stay comfy!

  6. I love the Athleta jacket. So casual and trendy for everydaywear! I don’t usually go there but I think I am missing out!

  7. Incredible! I haven’t updated my workout gear in years (yipes!), who knew they got so stylish!?

  8. These are great outfits for running around. I am having such a hard time fitting in the time to work out in this new stage of our lives with 2 of mine being in school and one at home. I need to embrace the idea behind not having to get ready all at once in the morning. Clearly you can still look cute throwing something on after a work out. Thanks!!

  9. Wow! I love that I have about a dozen new reasons to wear my leggings every day :)

  10. Love pieces that are so versatile. I think i NEED that jacket!!!… and you’re right… sometimes if the workout is going to get in, well, it needs to be squeezed in. No shower (immediately) necessary!

  11. I love the coat you are wearing! Also, the knit dress looks great!

  12. I love your style – so modern, fresh and fun. And on trend without being too trendy. That jacket is ADORABLE. I LOVE Pilates too. Maybe I’ll run into you some time??!! Lunch soon??!