ATC Favorite: Kiscords Childproof Cabinet Locks

When it comes to childproofing, my goal is to make sure my home is safe for baby while not completely covering my home in ugly plastic locks. I discovered Kiscords while researching cabinet lock options on Amazon.

kiscords cabinet locks

They looked simple and attractive – and they weren’t very expensive, either. I was bummed that I couldn’t order them with free Prime shipping but a two-pack costs only $6.40 with shipping so I decided to give them a try. They arrived quickly, were incredibly easy to install, and almost looked like a simple bit of decoration on our cabinet doors.

Then I read the letter enclosed with the product, and knew I had to share this product with all of you!

bara wheelwright kiscords

Kiscords are the invention of mompreneur Bara Wheelwright. She sent her husband to the store to buy some safety cabinet latches for their cabinets. He returned with five different types – none of which worked well. One wouldn’t hold their small knobs, another fell off even when securely fastened, another was parent proof as well as childproof, and still another damaged their wood cabinets.

Not exactly ideal. So instead she made a few safety latches for her home that worked on all knobs, were easy to secure and remove (by parents, not kids), and didn’t damage the cabinets. Bara’s goal was never to sell them to other mothers, but as her friends and family with children started clamoring for more she decided to make a side business out of it.

But Bara knew that if she was going to make a real business out of this, she wanted to help the struggling US economy and those in need as much as possible. This is why she has made the effort to outsource as many of her parts as possible to other US businesses. And this is why many of her products are assembled and packaged right here in the US by the physically and mentally disabled.


Usually I default to purchasing items on Amazon only if they’re available with free Prime shipping, but I’m so glad I chose Kiscords this time, instead!

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