ATC Favorite: Sock-Ons


What are Sock-Ons? Glad you asked.

They’re clever little things that keep baby socks on.

I saw this little ad last summer and knew I had to try them out so I ordered a three-pack in the 0-6 month size last fall. They have worked so well that I had to order the 6-12 month size just a few weeks ago.

Like many mompreneurs, Kezi Levin discovered that necessity really is the mother of invention. It helped of course that this mother of five boys is a graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

kezi sock ons

Made of soft, stretchy material, Sock-Ons are designed to fit over regular socks, keeping them firmly in place no matter how hard your baby kicks and tugs.


I ordered a 3-pack from Amazon for about $15, including shipping. Totally worth it to keep my wriggly little baby’s socks on!

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