Minted: Making Holidays Bright & Simple

I think my theme for 2015 was Simplify. I  worked to declutter both my schedule and my home. I delegated what I could at work and have let go of needing to do absolutely everything by myself. I hired a house cleaning service, started getting groceries delivered and set up automatic payments and subscriptions to everything I could. With working full-time and managing a household with three busy kids, I needed to change.

It’s been wonderful.

I’m able to focus more on what’s important. I have more time for my kids and I’m less rushed and much less frazzled.

Which is why Minted is the only place I ever look for cards!

Minted not only has unique, gorgeous holiday cards designed by independent artists, but your cards are printed on luxe stationery. Every year, I struggle to choose my favorite design… It’s almost impossible! But it’s made so much easier with the “Find it Fast” feature, which lets you browse designs with your photo dropped in. You can quickly see which designs will work with your photo to narrow down your decision.

Fullscreen capture 11152015 24857 PM.bmp

It made it so much easier to settle on a design!

One I customized the front, I used my second-favorite feature of Minted.  You can make so much more than just a photo card! They offer several options for the back of your card – you can add photos, captions, timelines, a multi-photo story – even a 12-month photo grid. This year, we chose a 9-photo collage highlighting a few high points of your year. I love sharing beyond just a picture of the kids – its such a joy to go back through a year of photos and see so many great memories. From our epic trip to India to my husband’s close encounter to NYC to weeks at the lake… Now everyone can get a peek into our adventures.

Fullscreen capture 11152015 25423 PM.bmp

And then comes my first-favorite feature of Minted – FREE ADDRESS PRINTING ON YOUR ENVELOPES. You upload your mailing list and your cards arrive with the envelopes all address for you. THE BEST. I’m honestly not sure I’d be able to get cards out anymore if it wasn’t for this service. AND IT’S FREE!!!

Fullscreen capture 11152015 30011 PM.bmp

So instead of spending several evenings addressing and stuffing envelopes, I’ve made sending Christmas cards as simple as getting my family to help me stuff and stamp envelopes – it takes 15 minutes tops! (And they take payment in cookies, so it’s a win all around.)

And finally – I love that Minted personally makes sure my design is perfect! You can’t beat that kind of service.

Minted for the Holidays

Have you started your holiday cards yet?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however, we are big fans of Minted regardless! 

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  1. I always LOVE your cards and have visited often – this may be the year to check them out for good! All of the cards I receive from them are so beautiful.

  2. LOVE Minted.

  3. I absolutely LOVE Minted. They have such a great variety.

  4. I LOVE MINTED! They have revolutionized cards for me. The addressing is my favorite part and worth the slightly more you pay per card. I plan to do a collage on the back of my cards this year too.

  5. Wow! I love Minted — they always have the BEST CLOTHES

  6. i mean CARDS!