Have the Confidence to Smile Brilliant *Giveaway*


Somewhere between the cheap (and not really effective) whitening strips and the super expensive whitening treatment at the dentist office, you'll find Smile Brilliant. Smile Brilliant is one of the fastest growing retailers of teeth whitening products in the US! And for good reason. This system is … [Read more...]

5 Minute Makeup


Confession: Until I was in college, I never wore makeup.  I know.  How I ever survived those adolescent years with nothing more than some drugstore cover-up is beyond me.  I suppose I was lucky that I did not need eyeshadow and all that jazz.  Certainly now as I'm nearing 30 (gulp) I have to apply … [Read more...]

Quick, Flawless Nails

201501 Sally Hansen Nails-100

I'm one of those people that never feels quite put together unless my nails are done.  It just adds the finishing, feminine touch to any outfit!  I try to fit in a professional manicure when I can, but those times are getting few and far between.  Sitting down to paint my nails myself has become … [Read more...]

Lip Service


A pretty pout is worth every penny you pour into achieving it -- whether that means luxe moisturizing balm or a Chanel gloss. To get us through the winter months, we've test-driven some of the best and brightest options on the market to finish off your look. Remember, even if your hair is a mess and … [Read more...]

Meaningful Beauty: A Busy Mom’s Secret Weapon

meaningful featured

Know what is one of the worst things about getting older? That first time you have to check the next box on the survey… I have moved up an age group, folks. When did this happen? I swear I'm still 23 in my head. Sadly, though, when I look in the mirror, there is no longer a 23-year-old looking back … [Read more...]

Healthy Essentials for the Holidays

ready for yoga

The holidays are an extra busy time for all of us moms. We are juggling decorating and gift giving, holiday parties, school programs... Throw in a school vacation or two on top of everything you already have in your busy schedule and we're toast! Sometimes we're so busy taking care of out … [Read more...]

StyleSeat: Looking Chic Just Got Easier


You know that feeling when you look in the mirror while brushing your teeth and realize you haven't had a haircut in way too long? (Thanks a lot, favorite stylist, for moving to a new town and leaving you in the dust). If you wait until a normal hour and try to set aside time to find a new cutter, … [Read more...]

Lovely Liners


So many of us fall into one of two camps when it comes to eyeliner -- either totally terrified or black-all-the-time. I'm in the latter, and have a ton of friends in the former. Because liner makes such a dramatic difference, it can be tough to commit to using it at all, or changing up what you … [Read more...]

My Morning Routine Made Smoother with AmLactin

amlactin picture

In an ideal world, I'd wake up naturally: sun shining through the windows, birds singing outside. I'd go downstairs and leisurely sip a cup of coffee. After a quick morning run, I'd come home to shower (or maybe even soak in a luxurious bath) and get ready for the day. Maybe in my dreams. Sadly, … [Read more...]