Elizabeth + Clarke: Designer Quality at your Doorstep

Elizabeth and Clarke Winter Collection Review

Confession: I've never subscribed to a box service. Everyone I know subscribes to beauty boxes, food boxes, jewelry or clothing boxes that arrive every month and I've NEVER found one that I would do on a regular basis. Then I discovered Elizabeth & Clarke. I always struggled with the … [Read more...]

Hot Jewels: Add some Sparkle to your Holiday

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As you're planning out your holiday looks for this holiday season, don't be afraid to add some sparkle!! A sequined camisole becomes daywear when paired with a blazer. shop this look Or go even bolder with a sequined skirt! shop the look But my favorite way to add some sparkle this … [Read more...]

Kid Style from Kapital K

Having a little guy doesn't mean I get to miss out on all the fun of dressing my kid up.  Girls don't to have all the fun!  I do struggle though with finding cool, stylish clothes for my toddler that don't have animals plastered all over them.  Not that I'm against clothes with animals, I just love … [Read more...]

Rock a Legging Right


How many times have we heard the fashion blogs tell us that a legging is not a pant? Too many to count. Perhaps it's my nine-month pregnant body talking here but I think as a society we have started to underestimate and underappreciate the importance of the legging. There's a reason they linger as a … [Read more...]

Peanuts in Bellies… And a Special Discount for You.

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As I round out my tenure as Pregnant Lady, it was such a joy to discover the adorable creations of Kimberly Farrell, creator and designer at the brand Peanut in My Belly. Her idea sparked after announcing her own pregnancy and grew to include not only these chic, super-soft t-shirts but a line of … [Read more...]

Getting Holiday Ready with Sears


To be completely honest, when I think of going shopping at Sears, 99% of the time my mind automatically goes to the tool section.  What can I say?  My husband has conditioned me well!  Lately though, Sears has stepped up their game in the clothing department - launching a redesign of Metaphor, a … [Read more...]

Best of Fall Denim


Anytime someone tries to tear me away from my skinny jeans, I totally freak. That said, there's some fun new denim on the horizon this season that you might just want to test drive. For trend items, I always suggest trying out a less expensive brand first, and then if you find you reach for the item … [Read more...]

At a Glance: The Latest from Warby Parker


We love the look of sleek and fashionable specs, which can be harder and harder to find at reasonable prices these days. In seeking past the typical designer names for something more unique and special, you may have unearthed Warby Parker. The innovative brand lets you try up to five pairs at home … [Read more...]

Chic Outerwear: Found.


There's nothing cute about the knee-length puffers we'll all end up wearing if this winter turns into another like last. But in the gentler months to come, let's assert our power by investing in the right transitional outerwear to speak to our personal sense of style and lifestyles that are … [Read more...]