Outfit Ideas for Holiday Photos from Old Navy

Once a year, you have the opportunity to showcase your family by sending holiday photos to friends and family near and far. It's best you get it right! Coordinating outfits for the entire family can take a lot of work (and a degree in textiles or fashion doesn't hurt). We're taking the guesswork out … [Read more...]

Family Photo Shoot Ideas from Kohls

It's holiday photo shoot season, and the word of the day is: COORDINATION. Holiday photo standards are at an all time high, with photographers bringing their A-game to every shoot. If mixing and matching clothing is not your forte, here are great outfit ideas from Kohls! Father's … [Read more...]

Sprouting Threads: The “Stitch Fix For Kids!”

Being the mom of a 7-year old and an almost 5-year old, I’ve encountered my fair share of trials and tribulations. We’ve gotten through the no-sleep newborn stage, the fussy toddler stage and the indignant preschool stage. I’ve handled food aversions, tantrums, childhood fears and unbearable … [Read more...]

Mix and Match Girls Spring Wardrobe from Target

Is your little girl in need of a few new spring outfits as well? Target has you covered -- their selection this season is simply adorable! I mean, really... can't these come in adult??     Seriously - HOW CUTE ARE THESE?? And super affordable to boot! Cherokee Skinny … [Read more...]

V-Day Style for Your Littles

Kids are just so darn fun to dress, right? And this girl totally loves a theme. But in my humble opinion, the best holiday to buy specific clothing for is Valentine's Day, because most of it can be worn year-round. I mean really, when is love ever a bad theme? From Old Navy and Target to the most … [Read more...]

Accessible Baby Fashion: Shop Quick & Cheap.

When my newborn arrived on the scene, I was over prepared in many areas and under in others. For months, people had been telling me not to buy too many clothes, because they grow out of them so quickly. I never could have imagined, though, the sheer volume of poop, spit-up, breast milk and other … [Read more...]

Kid Style from Kapital K

Having a little guy doesn't mean I get to miss out on all the fun of dressing my kid up.  Girls don't to have all the fun!  I do struggle though with finding cool, stylish clothes for my toddler that don't have animals plastered all over them.  Not that I'm against clothes with animals, I just love … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Tea Collection

We're seriously in love with Tea Collection over here, people. Its hard not to fall in love with their unique prints, sweet designs and high quality. But as world travelers, my kids love their globally inspired children's clothes! I was even more enamoured with this brand when I got to spend time … [Read more...]

Surprisingly Chic Finds for the Kiddos

As a mom-to-be in my eighth month of pregnancy, the nesting is in full effect. But when not working on my nursery or rearranging the kitchen cabinets for the ninth time in a week, I find great solace in searching the Interwebs for chic clothes I can put my little one in. Don't get me wrong -- I love … [Read more...]