Elizabeth + Clarke: Designer Quality at your Doorstep

Elizabeth and Clarke Winter Collection Review

Confession: I've never subscribed to a box service. Everyone I know subscribes to beauty boxes, food boxes, jewelry or clothing boxes that arrive every month and I've NEVER found one that I would do on a regular basis. Then I discovered Elizabeth & Clarke. I always struggled with the … [Read more...]

Rock a Legging Right


How many times have we heard the fashion blogs tell us that a legging is not a pant? Too many to count. Perhaps it's my nine-month pregnant body talking here but I think as a society we have started to underestimate and underappreciate the importance of the legging. There's a reason they linger as a … [Read more...]

Getting Holiday Ready with Sears


To be completely honest, when I think of going shopping at Sears, 99% of the time my mind automatically goes to the tool section.  What can I say?  My husband has conditioned me well!  Lately though, Sears has stepped up their game in the clothing department - launching a redesign of Metaphor, a … [Read more...]

Mad for Plaid


As heavier fabrics and darker hues take us from late-summer sun to mid-fall fun, don't forget to lean on good old-fashioned plaid. The tried-and-true aesthetic not only works on farmers, but rather gives everyone from the preppy school girl to the mom-on-the-go something to celebrate this season. … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Fall for J.Jill

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Want to find some fun pieces for your fall wardrobe?  Let us and the folks at J.Jill help. Don't forget - The J.Jill Compassion Fund is committed to supporting community-based programs that focus on disadvantaged and homeless women. To date, more than $6 million has been donated! From October … [Read more...]

Cuddle Up in Cashmere


If you believe the weather reports, most of us are in for a bit more warm weather before fall settles in entirely. But I am a firm believer in the importance of cashmere, even when winter is far off. There's nothing so luxurious and lovely as a thin, cozy sweater or accessory for this time of year. … [Read more...]

J.Jill Compassion Fund – Helping Women Be More than Stylish


You all probably know that J.Jill has great clothes.  J.Jill has created an October collection that celebrates some of this fall’s trends with items that also fit seamlessly  into a busy woman’s everyday wardrobe. In short, J.Jill has handpicked looks that enable you to wear the runway the real … [Read more...]

Elie Tahari’s NYC Collection for Kohl’s is a HIT


Once again, Kohl's has knocked a designed collaboration out of the PARK! The Elie Tahari NYC Collection is fabulous. Inspired by the urban sophistication of New York City, this collaboration offers impeccable, modern style from Elie Tahari at affordable prices. Its truly captures this designers … [Read more...]

What to Wear to a Wedding: Late Summer Edition


Who doesn't love getting dressed up to celebrate the nuptials of those we care about? But with sticky August humidity holding strong and early-September heat waves totally plausible, you might have visions of sweaty pits and wrinkled silks in your head. Fret not; this wedding-obsessed gal has been … [Read more...]