Cheap and Chic Workout Wardrobe

Okay so maybe workout gear is not exactly known for being cheap, but what if you can't afford a Lululemon wardrobe to maintain your fitness resolutions? Here are a few fun options at a more reasonable price tag. You can purchase all five of the items below on Amazon for under $160 with free prime … [Read more...]

A Day in the City Pant

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I hit the ground running. I have to get up, showered and dressed. Then I get (drag) my kids out of bed and getting them ready for school, fed and out the door at three different times to get them where they need to go with everything they need, with lunches, … [Read more...]

Hurry! Athleta Sale on Zulily

Here at ATC, we love Athleta. In January Mel shared how she wears Athleta for winter workouts and how she uses chic Athleta style to transition from the gym to the rest of your life with minimal outfit changes. The only challenge with Athleta? The prices can be a bit intimidating, even if the … [Read more...]

Fit Style to Street Style

I'm a busy gal. With three kids, a dog, a job and an increasingly busy schedule, I hit the ground running at 6:30am and generally don't stop until 8:30pm when the kids are all in their beds. ┬áMy husband travels quite a bit, so many days its just me playing cook, maid, taxi driver, homework tutor and … [Read more...]


Its definitely winter 'round these parts. My cousin was bragging on Facebook yesterday how much warmer she is than us here in New England. How she went to run errands yesterday in a light jacket and rain boots. SHE LIVES IN ALASKA. All that to say, its pretty nippy. I find winter the hardest time … [Read more...]

MOM CHIC: Stylish Hoodie

I fell in love with this North Face hoodie at first sight. The asymmetrical zipper, the lines, the hood... LOVE it. I bought it and it wasn't even on sale. I KNOW! Just because you're wearing a casual hoodie... why not make it a stylish one? hoodie: The North Face {buy here} tshirt: … [Read more...]

Chic Workout Wear

One of my favorite stores, Athleta, is having a big ol' sale. Brace your wallets, Ladies. The Red Riding Hood dress is adorable - and marked down to $89. The Crescendo Dress is down to under $60. How perfect for summer!   And this top by Pink Lotus is definitely in my … [Read more...]