BIC for Back to School

Bic back to school

I confess: I LOVE shopping for school supplies. Like seriously. New notebooks and folders. A fresh planner. Binder clips. (I have a serious thing for binder clips.) And new pens. I LOVE pens. I have an entire drawer full in my desk! I firmly believe I can never had too many pens. Partly … [Read more...]

Best Summer Ever with Starbucks Teavana® Shaken Iced Teas

beach - summer of Starbucks

Summer. There's nothing like it. Even though we are working and kids are going to camp... its just a slower, more relaxed pace.  This is our first summer here in New England and we are completely loving it. Last summer we were traveling all over and moving up to Rhode Island. This summer, we are … [Read more...]

Have the Best Summer Every with Target and Healthy Essentials

best Summer EVER party

Our house is just FULL of kids all summer! We have a neighbor just packed with little ones and everyone has an open door policy. Kids are in and out of my house all day. At lunch, you just feed whoever is there! Its so fun. We are so excited for our first full summer in Rhode Island... we just … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: ZICO® Premium Coconut Water™

zico life

As a family, we have been trying to make healthier and healthier choices. We've made some big changes - like giving up soda - and some small ones - like switching brands of yogurt. Some have been so easy the kids barely noticed and some were met with moans and groans. I've been amazed at how … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: SentoSphere


These days it is almost impossible to buy cool gifts for tweens. Craft kids tend to be too lame, toys are too young, clothes are too risky. I cry uncle and go with a gift card (to a bookstore, of course, to be encourage educational choices). Then we discovered Sentosphère and we now gave a new … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: May Designs

May Designs Review

I admit it. I am a sucker for cute stationary. And pens. And office supplies in general. (What is it about binder clips...) So I instantly fell in love with May Designs... especially their new Nantucket collection! From monthly agendas to stylish notecards, every aspect of May Designs is … [Read more...]

Sauder Furniture: Affordable and Easy

Sauder Furniture

We're not just redecorating our house, we're in the midst of remodeling the entire thing! A task that has consumed almost all of our free time the past year. We're loving the results, but the time crunch means filling our new space with furniture needs to be quick and easy. Lately we've been on the … [Read more...]

Chic Summer Cocktail: Grapefruit Crush

Grapefruit Crush  Summer Cocktails

Looking for something besides the usual mojito or margarita this summer? When the summer days start heating up, a light, refreshing cocktail will always hit the spot.  While vacationing on the Gulf Coast, a local bartender introduced the idea of a grapefruit crush to me:  freshly squeezed juice … [Read more...]

Chic Picnic with Wheat Thins Popped Chips

chic picnic with wheat thins

This time of year, there's not much better than a picnic. Sunshine, flowers, a soft blanket and some nibbles. (And in our case, we often throw in a beach!) For a date night picnic, you can't go wrong with champagne! Add in some cheese and crackers, some fruit and nuts, a few candles... maybe some … [Read more...]