Pinspiration: Sand Collection

sand collection

We love the beach over here in our house! Back when we first got married, I saw a picture of a sand collection and thought it was awesome. After a few years, I was able to convince my husband to get on board! For the last few years, we've been collecting sand from every beach we've … [Read more...]

Pinspiration: Slow-Cooker Chicken Soup

slow cooker chicken soup| easy and healthy

I saw this yummy picture on Pinterest... but it didn't link to the recipe! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't you hate that!?!? So I set out to make a yummy slow-cooker chicken soup and ended up combining a few recipes and making most of it up. AND IT DIDN'T STINK! I feel like such a chef! And ended … [Read more...]

Pinsipration: Remove Burn Marks from Wood

How to Remove Burn Marks from Wood

Our 14-year-old wood table was just covered with burn marks! The table was in great shape, but these burn marks were just awful. I was browsing Pinterest trying to find out how hard it was to refinish a table and I ran across this pin: Melissa Angert's pin on Pinterest. Now.. WAIT. You … [Read more...]

PINspiration: Curried Chicken Potpie

curried chicken potpie

I tried out a chicken potpie a few weeks ago... and it didn't go that well. Ok, it went bad! But my family loves Chicken Potpie so I wanted to try again. And I found a great one! The curry really kicked it up a notch! I adapted it just a tad to make it easier and viola! … [Read more...]

Pinspiration: Best Pinterest Cleaning Tip

clean your shower  naturally

I have a big Pinterest board about cleaning. Cause its more fun to pin about cleaning than actually clean, right? But I have found some GREAT cleaning tips from Pinterest... here are a few of my favorites: CLEAN SHOWER: To keep your shower sparkling, mix half Dawn (the blue kind) and half … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Spring Cleaning


Its time to carve out an afternoon or evening into your schedule to get your closet ready for spring! Have to make room for all those new spring fashions, right? Its time to be brutal, folks. Really take a look at what is taking up space in your closet and what you really … [Read more...]

PINSPIRATION: Roast Beef Sandwiches

slow cooker balsamic beef sandwiches

When I was at the store, they were having a huge sale on chuck roast. ┬áSo I picked up a few. And after making my two standard chuck roast recipes (Beef Minestrone and Pot Roast) I needed something new. So where else to turn but Pinterest? This pin caught my eye... It looked super yummy and when … [Read more...]

Style Your Space with Real Simple & Staples

ATC office view

I know you all know about my serious weakness for office supplies. Especially binder clips. And now, in our new house, I have an office. My very own OFFICE! This is very exciting for me. I love my office - after years of working at the kitchen table, having a dedicated office space is just … [Read more...]

Pinspiration: Winter Minestrone

Slow Cooker Beef Minestrone

I'm on a soup kick. Maybe because its chilly outside. Or perhaps its because its been a billion degrees below zero and we've had more snow days than we've ever had combined. I saw this recipe originally in the Wegman's Magazine - and pinned it so I could make it. It was super easy - I threw … [Read more...]