A Chance To Win One Of 31 Cruise Vacations From @CruiseSmile! #CruiseSmile

    Did you know October is National Plan a Cruise Month? We are recent converts to the joy of cruising! I always thought of cruises as a romantic, couple thing. But they're amazing for families too!!  If you know us, you know how much we love to explore! Sitting on a beach is … [Read more...]

ATC on Location: Providence Biltmore

When we're traveling, I'm a sucker for a hotel with character. No cookie cutters for us. When we visit a city, we love to find a hotel that really captures that city. For Providence... That's the Providence Biltmore. Period. Listed as  a member of the program Historic Hotels of America under … [Read more...]

Soak up the Sun in Gorgeous Miami

My husband visits Miami several times a year and I always get jealous! Miami is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. Considering the sun and the surf that Miami is famous for, this is not very difficult to believe. Many people who live in cold climates escape to Miami to … [Read more...]

Give the Gift of a Grand Adventure at Disney

When I look back at my many, many times at Disney Parks & Resorts, I consistently come back to one overarching memory: family. I remember my Grandma laughing as she hugged Mickey Mouse. I remember dancing with my cousins at parades. I remember the time my husband and I were called up to be in … [Read more...]

Fall into Providence

We moved to Providence in the late summer and we were immediately in love - we were minutes from the beach, we were riding our bikes and kayaking along the water every weekend, not to mention the seafood. Then came fall. That's when we lost our hearts completely.  Its breathtaking! And there is just … [Read more...]

Tips for Finding a Paris Vacation Rental

Paris is a city of apartments owned by vacationers, something the city has been trying to change for years. Paris is not anti-tourist or vacation rental, but with everyone wanting their own place in the city, local residents are being squeezed out and buildings are vacant a majority of the year. To … [Read more...]

MyMagic+: Disney Ramps up the Magic

On our last trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, we were introduced to My Magic+. Once again, Disney is taking vacation planning to a new level and helping families squeeze as much magic as possible into their vacations! First, before we left for our trip, we downloaded the Walt Disney World's … [Read more...]

Must See Country Houses to Visit in England

The country houses of England remain some of the most well preserved seats of established families to survive anywhere in the world. At their peak, aristocratic families built larger and larger homes as displays of wealth, but as the world changed, so did their wealth and a lot of these … [Read more...]

Outdoor Family Fun in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city that continues to grow, just like the rest of Texas, but for now it is still a city that is easily explored and enjoyed in a weekend.  One of the great things about a trip here, is that there is so much to do outdoors, and all of it is so different that you can really put … [Read more...]