ATC on Location: Block Island

Mohegan Bluff Block Island Beach

If you're looking for a classic, storybook New England vacation spot, think Block Island. If you're looking for boardwalks, amusement parks and fast food... look elsewhere.  This is an island for bike rides and fishing. Long days at a quiet beach. Bare feet. Lingering over dinner at … [Read more...]

Visit Providence: Roger Williams Park Zoo

roger williams park zoo

When you are exploring beautiful Providence, you need to hit the Roger Williams Park Zoo! We loved it so much we joined as members! Its a great size - tons of exhibits, but not tons of walking. You can easily tackle the zoo in 2-3 hours. Its spread out enough, though, that you aren't tripping … [Read more...]

ATC On Location: Bridgewalk Resort Anna Maria Island

201406 AMI-31

Anna Maria Island might be one of the most perfect places on earth to have a family vacation.  The entire island is mostly residential, quiet, quirky and just oozing old Floridian charm.  Every corner has a little shop or cafe that invites you to just sit and stare at the turquoise waters of the … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean

huggies clutch n clean review

I won't lie.  There's been times we've been delayed five minutes getting out the door JUST because we're hunting down a travel pack of wipes as opposed to the refill wipes.  Oh, you weren't aware there was a difference?  Become a parent and you learn that one does not equal the other.  The Huggies … [Read more...]

ATC on Location: Disneyland Hotel

disneyland hotel

The Disneyland Hotel may possibly be our favorite Disney hotel! We stayed here a few weeks ago during the Disney Social Media Moms conference and it blew us away! Disneyland Hotel is the original hotel at the Disneyland Resort. It has a well-deserved AAA four-diamond rating. It’s a modern, luxury … [Read more...]

Pinspiration: Best Pizza in America

best pizza in america

"Best in America" is a pretty bold statement.  My husband told me he read about this place along our route of our most recent road trip and I was skeptical. Frank Pepe's Pizzeria. Ok, then. But then I saw it was called "Best" or "#1 in America" by places like Food and Wine, The Daily Meal, and … [Read more...]

ATC on Location: Disney Social Media Moms

angerts in cars land

Last week, we attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disneyland. Boy, does Disney know how to throw a party. From the moment we stepped into registration, the surprises started coming and they didn't stop!! We picked up our itinerary and went right over to meet Donald! We stayed … [Read more...]

Chic Up Your Luggage with American Tourister

Fullscreen capture 462014 92553 PM.bmp

Who wants a black suitcase? It blends in and its hard to figure out which is yours... So GO BOLD! I love the iLite Supreme... so many fun colors!! How about purple? But my absolute favorite is the Color your World Collection. Fun, bold patterns that are as unique as you are! How … [Read more...]

ATC on Location: Jamestown Settlement


Our final stop in Williamsburg was Jamestown Settlement. “FINALLY!” said Eliza. Shehad been dying to go to Jamestown Settlement, to see the  re-created Powhatan Indian village. It was the part she had been looking most forward to. First we had to see the gallery exhibits and watched … [Read more...]