ATC Favorite: Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean

I won't lie.  There's been times we've been delayed five minutes getting out the door JUST because we're hunting down a travel pack of wipes as opposed to the refill wipes.  Oh, you weren't aware there was a difference?  Become a parent and you learn that one does not equal the other.  The Huggies … [Read more...]

Chic Up Your Luggage with American Tourister

Who wants a black suitcase? It blends in and its hard to figure out which is yours... So GO BOLD! I love the iLite Supreme... so many fun colors!! How about purple? But my absolute favorite is the Color your World Collection. Fun, bold patterns that are as unique as you are! How … [Read more...]

Trunki by Melissa & Doug

Hold on to your hats, Moms. Traveling with your kids just got a million times easier! Meet Trunki: I love this thing. When Colin and I traveled to Jamaica by ourselves last month, the Melissa & Doug Trunki was a lifesaver. It was the perfect size for all of the necessities for the … [Read more...]

Travel Cases by Nicole Lee

Tomorrow I cross the country to attend the BlogHer Conference in San Diego. I've been packed for two days, and as my generic black suitcase sits by the door, I can't help but think how fun it would be to carry my stylish duds in something a little bit more chic. Nicole Lee offers a chic … [Read more...]

LLBean Personal Organizer

Get ready to revolutionize your (travel) life. I moved to the US from Perú when I was a little girl. My sister and I returned to Lima every summer to maintain our Spanish fluency, and we took weekend trips all over the country to learn about our rich cultural heritage. All this is to say that … [Read more...]