Wearable Everyday Halloween Costume: Rosie the Riveter

Make a statement this Halloween!  This Rosie the Riveter is a symbol of strength as well as style. You may even have many of these items in your wardrobe already - so put them to use!  If you don’t, we’ve got you covered. Find each item for this Halloween costume below (and start dreaming of ways to … [Read more...]

Wearable Everyday Halloween Costume: 20’s Flapper

We’re loving this 20’s Flapper costume! Not only is it a stylish Halloween statement, but we can easily find uses for each item with new outfits. We love when Halloween costumes can be recycled into new fashion statements.   Chiass Embellished Dress (Target) -- $59.99 Ollio Glitter … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Fall Fashion: Nordstrom

Who is ready to spice up their wardrobe for autumn? Nordstrom is always a great go-to. Stretch your dollar by pairing some of these great mix and match pieces. Suddenly a few carefully chosen articles of clothing are a season’s worth of great outfits! Get shopping! Trouve' Flare Leg … [Read more...]

DIY Disney Women’s Costumes for Halloween

Just about every little girl dreams of becoming a Disney princess. They are some of the top-selling costumes all year around, especially at Halloween. In the spirit of Peter Pan, it’s a good time of year to NOT grow up. Or, rather, turn those childhood dreams into an adult reality with these DIY … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Fashion: Teen Girls’ Fall Styles from Target

As kids get older, social lives become so important. Girls, especially, quickly take up a focus on the latest fashions, gabbing with their girlfriends about the new trendy accessory. Help take some of the guesswork out of navigating the social scene by securing some solid style basics for your teen … [Read more...]

Wearable Everyday Halloween Costume: 50s Greaser

Who says Halloween is for kids? We’ve got several stylish costumes for the grown up gal who still likes the magic of this spooky holiday. Even better? These costumes are wearable outfits for every day, and could easily be reworked into your regular wardrobe. First up, the 50’s … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Fashion Board: Middle School Boy’s Styles from Target

Now that school is underway, it’s a great time to add some extra style to your kid’s wardrobes. Target, of course, is the go-to solution. We’re loving their basics and fun style for all ages! Cherokee Jeans -- $10.00 Cherokee Chino Pants, Gingerbread -- $12.74 Cherokee Chino Pants, … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Fashion Board: Boys’ Fall Style at The Children’s Place

While there are many mischievous things bouncing around the minds of boys, fashion is usually not one of them. It’s up to you, parent, to check out this season’s looks and plan accordingly. Luckily, there are awesome basics at The Children’s Place. And they offer more than just great prices: their … [Read more...]

Beauty Breakthrough: St. Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion

Growing up on Long Island, I was raised in Tanning Central. Summer days were spent rotating, oil-clad, in the sun like a rotisserie chicken, crisping my skin to "perfection." In the off-season, I held onto my glow with monthly unlimited passes to the local tanning salon. I preferred the bed to the … [Read more...]