Mix & Match Fashion Board: Girls’ Fall Fashion at The Children’s Place

School days, school days! Now that summer is over, we can begin to embrace all things FALL: cool weather, football games and all things pumpkin. School is now officially underway for most kids, which is the perfect time to scope out the latest girls’ fashions for the autumn and snag the chic looks … [Read more...]

Chic Happy Hour: Frozen Fire Watermelon Vodka

Yes, we’re aware that it is mid-August. We’re aware that Labor Day is quickly approaching, and we’ll inevitably have to face the fact that Autumn is almost upon us. And while we love the apple pies, pulling out our boots, and downing Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, we’re just not quite ready for summer to … [Read more...]

Fresh Fall Fashion with Dryel

Fall is almost here and this mama couldn't be more excited. I can almost smell the pumpkin spice and hear the crunch of the leaves beneath my boots. And the fashion! Sure, sweet summer frocks and white jeans are fun, but there's something utterly delicious about slipping into the first sweaters of … [Read more...]

Sprouting Threads: The “Stitch Fix For Kids!”

Being the mom of a 7-year old and an almost 5-year old, I’ve encountered my fair share of trials and tribulations. We’ve gotten through the no-sleep newborn stage, the fussy toddler stage and the indignant preschool stage. I’ve handled food aversions, tantrums, childhood fears and unbearable … [Read more...]

5 Summer Style Staples for the New Mom

I'm all about repurposing wardrobe favorites and bringing in special extras on an as-needed basis. Before I became a mom, that meant splurging on the occasional white leather skirt or sky-high heel. And while I do earnestly hold out hope that I'll eventually wear the leather and the stilettos, in … [Read more...]

Dreamy Ice Cream Cupcakes

It's summer, which means you need to treat yo'self. And whether it is for your kids or friends at a cookout, Ice Cream Cupcakes are pretty much the most delectable dessert (regardless of the season). The best part about these treats is that they are no-bake. No ovens. No heating up your kitchen. … [Read more...]

A Perfectly Imperfect Routine with AVEENO®

My life is busy to say the least. I work full time, which keeps me busy enough. I wake up at 6am and hit the ground running. After dropping the kids at school, I head to the gym, then come home to shower and dive into work. When the clock strikes 3:30, my second job starts.  Then its time for … [Read more...]

Target Summer Style: Red Tank and Chic Shorts

We’re loving all the designs we are seeing this summer, particularly patterned shorts. If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, check out this chic outfit you can put together in just one trip to Target:   Lily Star Racerback Tank -- $19.99 Self Esteem Ruffle Trim Shorts -- … [Read more...]

Summer Style: Casually Plaid at Target

YES. It’s true. Plaid is NOT a style relegated for the winter months. With light fabric abounding, you can rock the Casual Plaid style all summer long. Target has you covered for the complete look. Merona Button Down Shirt -- $22.99 Mossimo Low Rise Jean Shorts -- $19.99 Ona Scrunch … [Read more...]