Tried and True: Smashbox Foundation and Primer

I have been trying foundation brands since, oh, 1978. Back when I had smooth, flawless skin that didn’t need covering AT ALL, but I wanted to be all glam. The glam gal of Saginaw, Michigan. Whoo! I am sad to say that I am 42 and I still break out, which is insulting enough, but then on top of … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Party!

Welcome to Chic Critique, the beauty review blog by regular women who love to try products and potions and gab about them.  This is it, the big project that has been consuming the majority of my time and energy for the past week.  June of Bye Bye, Pie is my partner in crime, and we will … [Read more...]

Poof! They’re Gone!

There comes a time in every girl's life when she wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and realizes that she's not 21 anymore. Smooth and supple skin has been replaced with fine lines and wrinkles, and oh my gosh, what are those craters on my face?  Are those my PORES?  As the wise … [Read more...]