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Are you a Chic Blogger? Join the Chic Blogger Network!! We’d love to have each and every one of our inspiring, gorgeous chic readers writing right here, but you all have so many amazing blogs of your own that we want to feature them and help you all find new chic blogs to read! You don’t have to be a fashion blogger to join – if you do the occasional fashion/style post and consider yourself chic, you are welcome!!

Chic Blogger Network:

  • As a Chic Blogger, your blog will be added to our member list of blogs which will be displayed on the Chic Blogroll.
  • Serve as co-host of our Style Me Chic linky party.
  • Chic Blogger Network posts are featured weekly in our Chic Weekly column.
  • We will be featuring one active member a week in our “Chic Blog of the Week” column.
  • You will be able to join the Chic Blog Network Facebook page, where members can share posts they’d liked pinned to Pinterest, submit posts for Stumbling,  promote your linky carnival and, of course, the occasional opportunity for shameless self-promotion! We want to support your blog any way we can!
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  • Additionally, we’ll let you know of special opportunities just for Chic Bloggers as they come arise! If we hear of an event, review opportunity or other cool fashion/beauty related opportunity that is open to everyone we will share it on our facebook page.
  •  We will, of course, never spam you, solicit opportunities on your behalf or claim to represent you in any way. Our Facebook group is closed, members only can see what is posted there. This is a way for us to support each other and build community. This is not a for-profit venture.

Here’s how to join:

  • Leave a comment here telling us about your blog and how chic you are!
  • Visit our Facebook Group and request membership.
  • We’d love if you follow or subscribe to All Things Chic, so you’ll be sure to receive the latest updates.
  • Please grab our “Chic Blogger” button from below and display it on your blog.
  • Visit each other!  Check out our blogroll, visit people you meet on Facebook and be sociable 🙂
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  1. So exciting! I love writing my weekly Mom Chic posts every Friday. Looking forward to being a part of your network.

  2. What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to connect with more “chic bloggers”.

  3. Love it – I’m in!

  4. This really is exciting girly…love the idea!

  5. this will most likely prompt me to write it more regularly. . .LOVE the idea!! =)


  6. This sounds like a great new group and will prompt me to write more posts about fashion!

  7. What a great idea! I follow along with your individual blogs and always love meeting NEW area bloggers and networking about all things fashion:) My blog is ALL about fashion, lol….not much else. Ha.

  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I’d love to join your “chic” network! : )

  9. USA Love List celebrates American-made chic! We are planning a regular guest feature specifically on Made in USA fashion and we regularly profile companies with fun, stylish products of the highest quality. So psyched to join the network.

  10. How fun! I just sent a request to join the FB group with my personal FB page. I’m looking forward to being a part of such a supportive and fun community!

  11. I tend to write about eco-fashion, but I still pin the heck out of mainstream fashion. I love beautiful things.

  12. Thanks for the comment! I would certainly love to join! 🙂

  13. Hello! Thanks for coming by mined today! I would love to be part of your community 🙂
    My blog: Very Busy Mamá is about real everyday beauty and style. Just because I’m a mamá does not mean I have to look like a mess!

  14. The Blonde Brunette says:

    Thanks for the invite! Would love to be part of the community.


  15. How fab! thank you for swinging by my blog and letting me know..
    I blog about life as a mummy with the intent to be yummy 😀

  16. This sounds like fun! I love blogging about fashion and beauty!

  17. I write about MomStyle, among other things. MomStyle is redefining mom style – we have to do everything, so why not do it with a little style?
    I’d love to join your network!

  18. My blog is about me and my life with 3 little ones. I do weekly fashion posts and weekly creative post and try and do craft tutorials every once and a while. I”m trying to get back my funky style I had before I was a mom with 3 little ones. It helps that the baby is almost 2 and not pulling all my accessories off me now.

  19. So glad you let me know about all things chic! Definitely joining up! On my blog I talk about fashion(duh) for me and my kiddos, as wells as life as a mom to young kiddos! Excited to get involved and get to know other chic bloggers!

  20. I would love to join! I’m a personal stylist and I blog about all sorts of topics pertinent to the clients I work with. I write for the fashion savvy and the fashion challenged. My readers would say that my blog is “down to earth” and meets the needs of real women looking for fashion advice. That’s my goal.
    I’ll post your button and while I get your FB feeds, I’ll put you on my Style by Karen FB page too. Thanks!

  21. I’d love to join, I am trying to get my groove back so to speak, and since I landed a boutique jean sponsor I def. need more Chic in my life! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I have been posting about fashion for my three girls and just started moving towards fashion for me. In the next few weeks, my blog will be redesigned and I am excited to start focusing on this new venture. Thanks for visiting Raising Three Savvy Ladies.

  23. I would love to join with so many other Chic Bloggers. My blog is Not Just Mom, were I talk about how to dress chic on a budget, while being a working mom of two boys…

  24. Hi, I got to know about Chic Blogger Network via a comment by allthingschic on my blog! I am really interested to join.
    Thanks. I am heading for your FB page right now!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let’s Twitter Together

  25. This sounds like a great group! I started blogging while pregnant with my 2nd…to show that mamas can be fashionable and fabulous.

    Thanks for the invite!

  26. I’m a curvy fashionisas and I blog about affordable fashion/style for curvy women/moms. My blog is primarily a fashion blog, but it’s more of a lifestyle blog because I blog about others things that are non fashion related also. Looking forward to connecting with new bloggers bloggers! 🙂

  27. I would love to be a part of the Chic Blogger Network:) I write a Fashion Friday post on Friday’s. It will be great to be connected to other Fashionistas! Thank you for the invite.

  28. Hi ladies, I’d love to be part of a like-minded network of style savvy moms! I recently started blogging about my sources of style inspiration (particularly every day accessible and wearable style) and would love to meet other mom bloggers out there who share my love for all things chic!

  29. I just wanted to thank you for the invite. I would love to join but I do not have a facebook account. Let me know if there’s another way to join. If not, I’m happy to have found your site. Thanks again!


  30. I love this site! I am all about connecting with other chic bloggers- it’s all about supporting one another!

  31. looking forward to be more active on my Blog and adding more fashion looks for less.

  32. I have been looking for a network that I felt suited me and I was suited for, found it here! Looking forward to being a part of The Chic Blogger Network. On my blog I share practical DIY beauty routines and makeup tips developed from my trade as an Esthetician. I also post affordable and wearable style options.

  33. says:

    OMG. I have found my people! I’m so excited to join this network of fashion/beauty bloggers. My blog is dedicated to my BFF’s {Beauty, Fashion & Family} tips, product reviews and giveaways for moms. I love helping busy mamas look and feel their best inside and out. I look forward to networking with all of you in the near future!

  34. Hi, my name is Tammy. I blog over at about drug store and high end beauty brands as well as life in general. The blog is under going a little make-over but stop on by and say hi.

  35. This sounds like a lot of fun and would be the perfect place for me. My name is Sarah and my blog is Skylar magazine. Skylar is a fashion magazine, but there is a lot more to it than that. It covers pretty much everything -hair and makeup, art, crafts, DIY, cooking, you name it, I’ve even done some posts about cars. I’m a fashion lover and I have also become a car lover, especially old retro cars. I work with my own models who live out of state. They do everything from their locations, pictures are submitted through email and Facebook and if I need anything modeled, I send the clothes, jewelry, accessories etc to them. Sometimes they get to keep it, sometimes they have to send it back. This summer Skylar will turn 9 and the blog will be getting a new and more fashionable look and I have some really cool assignments/features for the models planned. This fall I am planning and hoping to have a model search which will take place via the Internet. I’m really looking forward to the new look and the search. I would love to be a chic blogger, so I can network with other fashion junkies.

  36. I’m country chic and geek chic, so that qualifies, yes? I mainly want to join because Melissa Angert is lovely to work with 🙂

  37. I’m a chic cooking mom! I can’t wait to join you!

  38. I’m a chic mom from Alabama who loves handbags and nail polish. Can’t wait to join your network!

  39. Hi There, what a great idea! I’m a mom of two from Surrey, BC in Canada and blog about fashion and style, would love to be part of the Chic-Blogger network.

    Thanks, Raj
    Pink Chai Style

  40. Love this networking outlet! I’m a chick blogger with a love for finding great deals, new places to explore and coffee. 🙂

  41. This is such a great website! I love all the fashion and the articles! I would love to be a part of this network, and I would also love to know how to become a contributor.
    I have a blog that also features beauty, fashion and women lifestyle information.
    I blog at

  42. I just heard about the Chic Blogger Network here at the Type A Conference. What a great group! I’d love to join.

  43. I would love to join this group! It’s exactly the kinds of blogs that I have been looking to read. I do occasional style posts, but right now they’re all maternity.

  44. Thanks for the invite. Looks like fun! I am following and requested an invite on FB (name is Carolyn Schauer Cox) .

  45. How is it that I’ve never seen this before? I’ll tell you I’m chic because I am always looking for classic looks with modern flair. iLife finding new places that cater to that aesthetic.

  46. I am a Mom of 2 in Toronto Canada and would love to join the Chic Network! I write about shopping in Toronto and blog about style, post outfit photos and style collages.

  47. Saw the button on Mrs. Southern Bride’s blog and came over to check you out….so glad I did! What a great network! I love accessories and makeup! I devote Fridays to my loves. 🙂 This will be a new adventure!

  48. I would like to join! I’m a new mom and post my outfits daily on my blog! I also post links to each item that is still available so my readers are able to purchase items they love on my blog.

  49. My name is Jessica and I blog at The B Keeps Us Honest, honest parenting and honest reviews. I write a weekly post about maternity fashion (because I’ve basically been pregnant for the past 4+ years!)

  50. I’m Elle and I blog over at One Mind, Two Coasts. I love to post my outfits and ideas and see posts from other chic bloggers to garner inspiration!

  51. I’m Iva, fashion blogger with four children. I post several times a week about what I’ve been wearing as I just try and survive motherhood. Heels are always an option.

  52. Hi! I’m Jenny and I blog over at Just a Hippie in Heels. I’m a big eco-friendly fashion addict that tries to help fill the void in both worlds. I would love to join the Chic Bloggers network!

  53. My blog is about the trials and tribulations of a fashionista with Cerebral Palsy – hence, the title “Spashionista”. Although my goal is to focus on fashion for those with disabilities I aspire to connect with anyone who wants to look better.

  54. Mama Stylista says:

    I am a new mum and a fashion stylist, my blog is a combination of the two. Mama Stylista is a purveyor of fine fashion items for hip mums and bubs. I find them so you don’t have to! I post outfits, trends, reviews. I would love to be a part of your wonderful chic community!

  55. Hi, we are so excited about the Chic Blogger group, which we just learned about after participating in your Fashion Friday events for a while now! Our site,, focuses on stylish products for moms, moms-to-be and little ones 0-4. We feature a lot of fashion finds (including a regular Maternity Monday post as well as a Fashion Finds for Mom post on Fridays). Thank you for creating this community!

  56. So excited about Chic Blogger!! My blog is a mix of southern girl rants, clothes obsessions and LOTS of boy talk! Thank you for creating this community, so exciting!!

  57. I hope I can still join! I love the idea! 🙂

  58. I’d love to join. I write a life and style blog called The Flower City Fashionista and am always looking to grow readership! What a great idea!

  59. I would love to join and share my findings and life! Im a style and fashion writer and blogger. I write about fashion, savvy shopping, interviews, DIY’s and events.

  60. What a great idea! I’d love to join. I’m a personal style blogger focusing on seasonal color analysis and (coming soon) fashion feng shui.

  61. Hi there! I’m Dee, from I blog about how to be a chic and stylish professional women, and try to focus on plus-size fashion. I also post about my new hometown of Nashville, beauty tutorials, etc…

  62. Suzanne @ Mom Confessionals says:

    I don’t know how chic I am, but I am certainly striving for that these days!

  63. Sapphire Kharyzma says:

    Hello ladies. I have two blissful blogazines that are about all things fashion, beauty and life(STYLE) and would love to connect with fellow Goddesses 🙂

  64. I love blogging about real life fashion for moms, I frequently post about shopping trips, trends, etc. And I absolutely love finding new clothing lines and reviewing them for my readers!

  65. My blog is about life,fashion,food,decor ,decor as these are things i am inspired by everyday.

  66. Hi ladies! I just realized I never completed all the steps to get on the blog roll!!! Ahhhh! Love the fb group! I write The Flower City Fashionista blog to give you all a glimpse into my crazy life and to demonstrate how even SAHMs can be fashionistas 🙂

  67. Melissa and Alexis says:

    We would love to participate!

  68. My sister and blogging partner, Sutton, and I love the Chic Blogger Network and all of its blogs – we’d be honored to be part of this incredible collection! This network demonstrates everything we’re all about: the community aspect of sharing our fashion and beauty musings. We live for making fashion friends through our blog Sobbing On Fifth, and helping our readers find the best style and beauty for the best deals and have fun doing it.

  69. I am excited to find a group of fashion bloggers..I can not wait to connect and share ideas and finds.

  70. Excited to connect with other chic moms and step moms like me.

  71. Edge of Jade is actually a blog owned by me and my bestfriend. We’re both college students and the blog serves as our getaway from the hectic life of a student and also as a way to share style tips to our readers. We also talk about outfit posts, bargain deals, great online shops and other topics related to fashion and life.

  72. The Wardrobe Doors is a blog for street style, the latest lust after items and my style inspirations. I take street style photographs mainly in Manchester where I live. Hope you enjoy my blog! I’m so happy to find the Chic Blogger Network! I love finding new blogs and I hope to join the blog roll myself.

  73. I’m a Chicago wife, mother and blogger. My blog, Thriftanista in the City, is a thrift and budget fashion blog. It is a place to learn about thrift shopping, showcase recycled fashion finds, and experiment with fashion trends.

  74. Nicole Jowett says:

    Im an amateur Style blogger 🙂 I post my favorite outfits and anything i love to do with fashion and beauty.
    Im looking to connect with other bloggers <3 <3 <3

  75. Alyssa Pritchett says:

    I am so interested in becoming apart of this website 🙂

  76. Jessica @ Keeping Mommy Sane says:

    I love this site! My blog is about balancing family, motherhood and career while not forgetting who I am. I write about the things that keep me “sane” – fashion, fitness, food and fun – in addition to sharing my experiences as a busy working mama..

  77. Whatsername Jewelry: the blog shares my love for crafts and DIY and handmade shops. Of course I love to share fabulous jewelry finds from around the net and awesome accessories from Coach to Kenneth Cole and LaCoste. No designer is out of bounds.

    Looking forward to being a part of your network.

  78. Love it, I’d love to register. Added the ‘Chic Blog’ button and follow you on twitter & have facebook requested x

  79. I’m a mommy to 2 little girls and new to the personal style blogging world. I’m trying to get out there and meet other bloggers. I would love to be apart of this blog roll.

  80. Hi Melissa! I’m the fashion editor at and write about all things fashionable made in the USA. The things I feature are budget friendly and made for women on the go! I hope to be part of the Chic Blogger Network soon! Best, Jill

  81. We’d love to join! Please email us. <3

  82. It’s Jamie from I just launched my site & I’m looking forward to meet fellow fashion bloggers!

  83. Hi I’m Kate and I can be found wearing sequins by the sandpit, searching for glamour among the goo and blogging at
    Looking forward to becoming a member and sharing style secrets, fashion tips, meeting some real (cyber) life Glamour Mamas!

  84. Hello Ladies,
    I am a Mom and a GrandMom now. I still consider myself “chic” and am always looking for new trends and styles. My blog is about being a peri-menopausal woman and dealing with ageing. At 47 I think most women can relate. Thanks for your super site. Looking forward to becoming “a Chic Blogger”

  85. This is really chic. Me too enjoyed it.
    thank you

  86. I just tarted blogging and I am loving it! I am excited to be joining this network!

  87. Glad to have found this blog…. I am excited to be joining this network!

  88. I am a wife and mama of 3 who loves blogging about mama and kids fashion! I’d love to join this network.

  89. just sent a request to join the facebook group.looking forward to be a part of this network and meeting other bloggers

  90. Excited to be apart of the network…My friends and I blog about fashion, fitness and health for every size woman…I am looking foward to networking and meeting new people.

  91. I blog at Haute Mommy Blog and I’m so glad to have found this network. I’m looking forward to finding other like-minded, chic bloggers. = )

  92. I would love to join this network! I’m already a part of the Facebook and it has proven to be such a great resource as my blog grows!

  93. I’d love to join your network! I’m losing my baby weight and trying to get my body back into shape, and working on my wardrobe along the way. It might not be all I blog about, but I’m trying to do it every week.

    The facebook group looks like it will be such fun!

  94. What a great idea! I would love to join. I have run a small fashion blog on tumblr for a while, but just recently decided to bring it into my main family/lifestyle blog. I am a proud Mama to one little lady (also a wee bit fashion crazed herself) and love to put together adorable and chic looking outfits, while sticking within my budget. I love designers…but can’t afford them 😉

    Adding my button now & following everywhere. Thanks for the opportunity to become a part of your network.

  95. Hello! I’m Niurka from Fashionista Styles! I’m a personal style blogger who talks about being a on trend mom while handling 3 little DIVAs! 🙂

  96. Hi! I’m Renu from, a beauty and makeup blog that just celebrated its sixth month of existence. I would love to be a part of the Chic Blogger Network, though the button link takes me to the homepage – could someone please tell me how I can get the code to add to the sidebar?

  97. Hi All!

    I’m an NYC based blogger who created and manages the Anti Bridezilla, a bridal & lifestyle site that provides wedding planning inspiration + tips to prevent Bridezilla Syndrome! In addition to that we focus on destination weddings. I take a personal approach to this as I am in fact planning a destination wedding for next year. We cover fashion, beauty reviews, fitness tips & more. And I would love to become a part of the Chic Blogger Network! 🙂

  98. I’d love to become a chic blogger. My blog, Pear Shaped Girl, is my passion project with the vision of translating the latest trends to fit any body type. I’m a fashionable working mom who wears stilettos during the week and flats on the weekend. I love a bargain but I’m not cheap. If they gave out degrees in it, I’d probably be a doctoral candidate in online shopping. So join the journey at!

  99. Greetings Melissa,
    I am a member of the facebook group but just realized that I am not listed on the chic blogroll.
    Thanks for your assistance with this. Have a terrific week.

  100. My blog is based off of my online boutiques, Pretty Me chic Baby, a boutique for children and Pretty Me Chic Boutique for the ladies! On my blog I post giveaways with our items, I discuss parenting, pregnancy, fashion and food and of course new items that will be going into the store and other collaborations 🙂

    I look forward to be a part of ALL THINGS CHIC!

  101. Hi! I’d love to be a Chic Blogger! My blog is about my personal style, trends, fashion, travel, and shopping. I love clothes, shoes, and I need to get back to documenting my outfits after taking a New Mommy Hiatus.

  102. My name is Ambi. i have fashion and beauty blog i love your network…i can’t wait to be a part of your network , Regards

  103. i have joined your network … how can i get that button ?

  104. Just requested membership in the FB group. I’m looking to participate in active blogging groups, and this one seems fun! I blog about a variety of topics including parenting, fashion, sales, product reviews, etc. I manage another blog too that is strictly fashion/weddings:

  105. Howdy darling 🙂 I am requesting to be added to the Chic Blogger Network as you already added me to the FB group. I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger just shy over 2 weeks old but am growing rapidly. Fashion is my primary area but I enjoy talking about beauty, living and home as well. “Chic” is in my blog name and in my glittery blood baby!! 😉

  106. I would love to be added to this blogroll as the Thrifty & Chic Mom I love blogging about all things chic!

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  108. I love anything fashion related – so naturally, I’m a great fit here!! 🙂 (Feeling vain even saying that). I’d love to meet some new brands and connect with some amazing bloggers too while doing it!

  109. SO Great to meet you in person today. Would love to be part of the network ox

  110. I am so pleased that I found your blog, and I would love to join your network. On my blog (, I share my love of fashion, including chic post-surgery clothing options. As a person living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, I also use my blog to raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease.

    I requested membership in the FB group and started following you on Twitter. I am new to blogging, and look forward to participating in an active blogging network. Thank you!

  111. Just started blogging. I am researching ways to click in to a supportive network. Looks like I found it!

  112. Joined finally its good to be here.

  113. I’m a wife, mommy, daughter and friend who also have a slight fashion obsession…I’m a freelance fashion stylist and have done work for magazines, production companies , runway shows, fashion weeks, shopping centres and personal styling! I write a weekly fashion blog and a daily Facebook page with all things style, fashion and glamour!

  114. I’m a 14 (turning 15) year old beauty/lifestyle blogger from Sydney, Australia. I lovee fashion, beauty and photography soo much, which is why i started my blog. I have done blog posts for one brand and one website on my blog, and hope to do much much more!

  115. I’m 13 and have been blogging for a while now, I blog about beauty, fashion and what ever I feel like blogging about! I would love for you all to check out my blog!!

  116. I would love to be apart of the chich blogger network. Ive requested to be in the facebook group. I’m a very active modest fashion and make-up blogger from leicester UK. View my blog

  117. So exciting to be connecting with fellow bloggers! I’m brand new to style/lifestyle blogging…and blogging period for that matter! I look forward to getting inspiration from all of you!

  118. I’d love to join this awesome network!

  119. This is such a great idea! I’d love to join this network!!
    I think this is one of the best ways to grow as a blogger.
    I started my blog 2 weeks ago (I had an older one, but deleted it) and so far, I’m loving it.
    I mainly blog about fashion and beauty.


  120. I love this idea, and would love to join the network! Can’t wait to browse the network for inspiration! My lifestyle blog is about a little of everything – fashion, beauty, and new discoveries


  121. Hi, My name is Tawny! I’m a mommy of two little girls and I write a blog called I write about plus size fashion, beauty, kids fashion, and so much more. Our motto is Keeping the glamor in mommy hood!

    I’d love to join your network, and hope to meet some new blogger friends!

  122. I am so excited to join this network; I have a personal style blog & this network seems to be right up my alley!

  123. Would love to join! I own a personal style blog and I’m always looking for ways to connect with other bloggers <3
    xoxo Iris

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  125. Hi,
    I’m Taila 🙂 , founder of Haute Hemisphere. My blog serves as inspiration to the fashionable creative dreamers around the globe. Haute Hemisphere inspires and educates readers through various posts on emerging and indie artists, designers and brands. When were not inspiring, we are educating our readers on just how to “prosper in purpose” through posts on bringing your creative business to life.

    I’m looking to connect with other bloggers in order to be inspired and build possible collaborations. 🙂

    Prosper In Purpose,

    Taila J.

  126. Hi mates, how is the whole thing, and what you
    desire to say about this paragraph, in my view its in fact remarkable designed for me.

  127. Hello! I’d love to sign up as a chic blogger! I’ve just come across this network and would love to join! My name is Rhea and I love all things feminine, and adventures with food and travel. I mainly blog about fashion, but I share my food trips and travel trips as well. My blog is and I host a weekly link up called Style To Inspire because I believe we get inspired by our fellow bloggers’ style and I wanted to start a weekly collection honoring that.

    Glad to have discovered you! 🙂

    Rhea @

  128. I would love to join the Chic Blog network. My blog enriches women on style, inner beauty and confidence. Here’s a link to my blog:

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Lady Stylistique

  129. Hiiii, I’m Kenia 🙂

    I’m the proud owner of GlossyFinds <3 is the place for beauty secrets,video tutorials, best-buys and everything pretty, fun and glossy online! Our list of Must-Haves, How-To’s, Beauty Tutorials, and Top 10’s are saturated with all the beauty 411 a girl could ever want! We have unlimited beauty ideas, tricks, and trends – not to mention, how to look beautiful for less. Readers get insider advice from our team of shopping experts, beauty-junkies, and tips from favorite video bloggers.

    I would love the join your community! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  130. So exciting to be apart of this! My blog, Cali Mom in the Windy City, is a lifestyle blog with a big focus on my passion for fashion!

  131. What an amazing idea to connect one chic blogger to another. I am so excited to start perusing all of these amazing blogs. Welcome to your nest. XO

  132. Hello,

    We are Fraquoh and Franchomme and we run a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog called Attire Club!

    We are always happy to connect with new bloggers and we warmly invite everyone here to visit AC and become part of our community! features complete style guides, fashion inspiration and cultural insights and is offering a new vision over the world of men’s style and fashion!

    Our motto is: Simple. Short. Smart!

    Visit now at!

    Thank you!

    Fraquoh and Franchomme

  133. Hello, I am Helen of Bubblegum chic, the place where “crazy meets chic.” When I am not running after one of my three kids, three cats or two dogs, I write about the humor in the chaos of a life well lived. I also love to blog about the chic life for kids and moms alike. And travel is a huge part of our life because, well, we need a break from those crazy animals. Bubblegum Chic travels to Saint Tropez, Utah, New York and lots of other fabulous chic places! Excited to be a part of the All Things Chic Network

  134. Cute idea! I would love to join the Chic Blogger Network– I have been writing my blog A Good Hue ( for just over a year now, focusing on personal style, beauty and lifestyle related posts.

  135. Hi, my name is Julianne and I am a chic wedding blogger of a blog called What the Bride Wore! I love the idea of this network and can’t wait to interact with you all!

  136. Love the idea! Please look at my blog 😉

  137. Is this network still active??

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  139. Would love to be involved … I’m a size 16 – 18 with a size 12-14 waist and I’m 5ft10. Finding clothes is a nightmare! Trousers and mini skirts are too short, blazers barely fit my shoulders, and pencil dresses are tight everywhere except my waist where they gape like a kangeroo’s pouch.

    But I love fashion! And fashion loves me – mostly! I don’t see why my size and shape means I can’t keep up with the trends. Nor do I see why I should shop in frumpy catalogue stores who believe a girl over a size 16 should ignore style and class in favour of badly fitting trousers and billowing blouses that hide any assets a girl has. So I wrote a blog aiming to inspire plus size girls the confidence to wear whatever they like.

  140. I would love to join! I blog about skincare and makeup, with a particular focus on high-end brands like Chanel and NARS. Beyond beauty, my big passion is travel so I feature lots of international brands such as Korean products from Memebox.

  141. I would also be interested, I have just been employed in the UK to write about fashion, trends and high street news, so will be right up my street

  142. Hi Chic Blogger! I would absolutely LOVE to join! 🙂
    I’m a mommy blogger who loves to blog about beauty tips and tricks, and product reviews! I also enjoy the occasional giveaway for my followers!

  143. I love this idea! I’ve just recently started blogging and love connecting with other bloggers. It all started on a whim but am having so much fun with it that I am really excited to see where it takes me! It’s called Fun Money Finds and it’s all about finding amazing deals on fashion. Heading to your FB page to join right now 🙂

  144. Hi,
    this is such a great idea. Would like to join. My blog is mostly about fashion and little something about beauty trends and tricks.


  145. What a fabulous idea! I love supporting blogs of all size, and more importantly I love what I do!

  146. Wonderful! I love connecting with other bloggers. Can’t wait to be a part of this chic network and get to know fellow fashion bloggers better! Rebecca//

  147. Hey, I started blogging earlier during the year and my blog is focused on my daily fashion for the average girl who is either busy with school or work.” I occasionally do features on other bloggers or fashionistas that I look up to. I would really love more people to read my blog because I think it has something special that others can relate to. Please check out my blog and consider including it on your network.

  148. Hi Melissa can you add me to the blog roll. I think BigGirlsGuide would be a nice add.

    Hope all is well hope to see you this summer.

  149. This is great! I love All Things Chic and can’t wait to be part of the network. I write a beauty blog to which I post at least twice weekly, plus I’m all over social media 🙂 I’d love to join!

  150. I would love to be a part of this.

  151. This is a great opportunity! I would love to be a part of this.

  152. I love All Things Chic! You guys post great content and I’d love to be a part of your network and gain exposure for my up-and-coming fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blog,

  153. Hi! I just started my blog a month ago called Collectively Chic! I adore giving people style advice. I would love to be a personal stylist. I am looking into joining networks and connecting with other bloggers to maximize my experience. I love reviewing products and clothing and making youtube videos and attaching them to my blog. I love making people happy and sharing products and inspiring them as best I can. I would love if you can take a look at my blog and I can become apart of your network!

  154. What a lovely idea,

    I write a personal style and beauty blog and I really want to meet some other bloggers, get my face out and about, anyways I would love to join


  155. I am a new blogger and would love to learn from all of you fabulous bloggers. My blog is focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

    xoxo Emily

  156. Good article. I definitely love this website. Continue the good work!

  157. Hello – I would love to join your blog site and it would motivate me to write regularly, my aim once a week but the reality is somewhat less. I have dozens of blogs in my had and in draft. I am now returned from Summer Holiday Mode and am ready to go into production.
    I live in Paris, France and write about anything that catches my interest of the moment. My interests are fashion, beauty, health, Pilates, lifestyles, art and dance.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Best wishes,

  158. I’m so excited for this! My blog focuses on cozy chic style and travel!


  159. Hi there, I would love to join the Chic Blogger Network and connect with top bloggers and share knowledge. I blog 4-5 times a week at Cosmetopia Digest, a beauty and lifestyle blog which has been active since January 2013. Hoping to hear from you soon!

  160. I am a Fashion Blogger on Instagram and CollegeFashionista I would absolutely love to be a part of the Chic Blogger Network! I am a Retail Merchandising and Product Development major at Florida State University.

    I am so excited for this opportunity!

    Katelyn Sampl

  161. Hello! I would love to be a part of this blogging group. I post about beauty, fashion, travel and important topics for women. Let’s also connect on Twitter – my name is BeautyWander there. Hope to connect with some chic bloggers!

    • Hello and Welcome – I am a sparodic blogger due to not liking the template of my site very much and after a huge blogging absence during the summer am motivated to try again. Good luck with your’s.
      Bizzzz, bizzzz from Paris

      • I had the same issue, i was constantly changing the layout, to try to find something that fit and wouldn’t post till i thought everything was perfct

      • Hey everyone, I have a lifestyle recently started blogging after a long hiatus and i’m definitely hoping to post more and meet other bloggers. my blog will cover all things lifestyle; travel,food, beauty ,health and all around chicness

        check out my blog at

  162. Hi! I recently joined the blogging world. I have absolutely loved my journey so far, and would love to gain more followers and connect with others! I blog about almost everything, though lately I have been focusing on fashion and my authentic thoughts. Contact me, I would love to hear from you!

    My blog is :

  163. I’m a newbie to the blogging industry. The love for getting dressed and makeup drove me to start blogging! 🙂 Looking forward to connect with all of you <3

  164. Bonjour, how exciting! I am a France based home and lifestyle blogger with a passion for stripes and rustic-chic living. Love French Style Blog features ideas on creating a French country look at home, easy to follow French inspired recipes for all the family and of course, plenty of Breton stripes. I am so excited to join you all x

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  166. I’m Audrey, I blog at 🙂 It’s a fashion, life, and beauty blog. I’m a college student in Texas, and I love kittens and the color white.

  167. I love this idea! I am really trying to meet some more bloggers this year and this would provide a great opportunity! I post fashion and lifestyle related content but also do a lot of diy and home decor.

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    I blog for A company that is launching next month. The blog features the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyles.

  169. I am a member of the Facebook group from my old blog – but have started a new blog and would like this blog on the blogroll. =) I love being a Chic Blogger!

  170. Hi I’m Ana Marino, founder of Moda Addicted.

    After a long search of fashion blogging networks, I think I found the right one. I love everything fashion. I think fashion goes beyond clothing and accessories, it is an art and a way of expression. I tend to be in the girly side of style, with a little bit of tomboyish. I am in love with shoes and purses. I created Moda Addicted two years ago, and since then I have tried to create the best content possible for my readers; from tips and trend alerts, to food and lifestyle posts, Moda Addicted is a space to find inspiration.

    Feel free to check out my blog and leave any feedback you’d like 🙂

  171. This sounds great, I’d love to join. My blog, Happy Stylish Fit, launched a few weeks ago. Happy Stylish Fit is where I show all the ways and things that inspire me and help me to live a happy, stylish, fit life. I come topics including fashion, beauty, fitness, recipes, subscription box reviews, and more.

  172. Hello! I’m Niurka, the voice of Fashionista Styles where I share my love for styling, shopping, parenting, and rid bits of my life all while looking fabulous doing it all.

  173. I would love to join! I’m a new blogger, primarily lifestyle. My blog includes a bit of everything: photography, fashion, travel, soon to be motherhood, and so on. I think I would be a great addition!

  174. Hi! My name is Bree and I am a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and would love to join the network!

  175. This is great! I blog about everything and anything but fashion is my passion. I need to be pushed to do more fashion/beauty posts

  176. Love this! I’m a Canadian beauty blogger that features fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 🙂

  177. Hi,
    I’m a first time mom who loves to blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and baby/motherhood.
    Count me in! 🙂

  178. Hi! I would love to join your network, I think what you are offering us as bloggers is amazing. Please let me know about the next steps, thanks!

  179. Baby mama x3. Business owner. Blogger. I love fashion/style and beauty. Xoxo!

  180. the warehaus nyc | life style blogger | southern charm | big city ambition |

  181. Would love to be a part of this group. My sister and I started a travel and fashion blog last year and love the FB community groups.

  182. Great community! I write for Toronto based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog and am very excited to be a part of your network!


  183. Love the name, and I am a chic blogger by birth.

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