Finding Safer Beau..

As a mom of two, my kids' health and what they are exposed to are one of my top priorities!  I've invested so much time researching the best sunscreens and lotions to put on their skin.  But never really put too much thought into what I'm putting on my body.  Every day I expose my skin to anywhere … [Read more...]

Tips for the Perfe..

Living here on the coast of New England, we've quickly become masters of the Beach Day. We have a great beach about two miles from our house on the bay, but if we want the waves, we have to drive down to Newport and make a day of it! After a few false starts ("What do you mean you forgot your … [Read more...]

Join the #NoShaveW..

I love everything about summer... except all the shaving. My hair grows super fast (lucky me), so I feel like I'm shaving EVERY DAY all summer long! I'm a full-time working mom with three kids and a crazy schedule. I  barely have time to shower, never mind do a full shave every day.  Whenever I hear … [Read more...]

Net Nanny: My Secr..

You don't have to go far to find shocking statistics about kids and the internet! 82% of children are exposed to inappropriate content before age 11 43% of teens were victims of cyberbullying in the past year Over 50% off kids, between the age of 10-17, have posted risky comments or … [Read more...]

ATC Must Haves for..

Summer is almost here,so for most of Philadelphia, that means one thing:It’s time to hit the Jersey Shore! Everyone is ready for some sand, sea and sun. After the long, cold winter, all I want to do is soak up as much of summer as possible. We have gone to the Jersey Shore every summer since we … [Read more...]

Renew and Refresh ..

Seeing as it's now officially 70 degrees outside, I think we can safely assume that spring has arrived!  I love spring - the fresh air is invigorating and the sunshine is therapeutic. I get super inspired to revamp everything! I clean out closets like a mad-woman, garden like crazy and enjoy every … [Read more...]

Pamper your Philly..

I just got back from visiting my new nephew. Just look at this little nugget. It was amazing! And, of course, Aunties must come to visit bearing gifts! I made that sweet blanket that Baby Ben is laying on (it only took me a year, but I finished it!) and some little gifts for the new big … [Read more...]

Venus Treatments c..

This is an amazing time in the world of beauty. Pretty much all cosmetic procedures used to require going under the knife. Yikes! Certainly not for the faint of heart! Now, if you want to change something about your appearance, you no longer are required to do risky surgery. There are so many … [Read more...]

Designer Look for ..

Now this outfit is positively DARLING! But over $1,000? No thanks. Let's find the look for less, shall we? Designer Look: Felicity and Coco Crepe Shift Dress -- $88.00 Nordstrom Spliced Print Scarf -- $98.00 Michael Kors Josephine Wedge Sandals -- $149.90 Tory Burch Britton … [Read more...]