Rock a Legging Right


How many times have we heard the fashion blogs tell us that a legging is not a pant? Too many to count. Perhaps it's my nine-month pregnant body talking here but I think as a society we have started to underestimate and underappreciate the importance of the legging. There's a reason they linger as a … [Read more...]

Best of Fall Denim


Anytime someone tries to tear me away from my skinny jeans, I totally freak. That said, there's some fun new denim on the horizon this season that you might just want to test drive. For trend items, I always suggest trying out a less expensive brand first, and then if you find you reach for the item … [Read more...]

Chic Outerwear: Found.


There's nothing cute about the knee-length puffers we'll all end up wearing if this winter turns into another like last. But in the gentler months to come, let's assert our power by investing in the right transitional outerwear to speak to our personal sense of style and lifestyles that are … [Read more...]

Easy Accessories for Fall


We always want to look like our most fabulous selves, but the morning rush combined with a day's worth of to-do's looming can get in the way. I find I feel my best when I look "put-together" but that doesn't always have to mean spending a ton of time getting ready. One great way to cut down on the … [Read more...]

What to Wear to a Wedding: Late Summer Edition


Who doesn't love getting dressed up to celebrate the nuptials of those we care about? But with sticky August humidity holding strong and early-September heat waves totally plausible, you might have visions of sweaty pits and wrinkled silks in your head. Fret not; this wedding-obsessed gal has been … [Read more...]

Fall Fashionably Forward — The Best Transitional Pieces

lanvin 2

There's nothing I love more than digging around the sale racks in the final weeks of August. Just as the kiddos head back to school, but with summer temps still soaring, it's a great time to score steals that you can enjoy for another couple of months before storing till next year. But the ultimate … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion: Shane Co. Jewelry for the Glam Set


While you're hanging with the kiddos and soaking in the final rays of summer, admit that a tiny part of you has been flipping through the fall fashion mags and dreaming of outfits for the months ahead. This season is all about shape and texture, and the perfect way to make every outfit pop is with a … [Read more...]

Transitional Pieces for Fall

White Skirt for Fall

The pool officially closed at our condo for the yea. College freshmen flock Target with their parents (and their parents' credit cards). Yellow school buses are once again chartering children to and from class. All sure signs that fall is here! ...but it might be too soon to break out the boots and … [Read more...]

Fall trend: Peplum Dresses

Jennifer Aniston in Tom Ford-- the high neck and black and white pattern of this strapless number gave it something unique. A tiny peplum detail at the hips made it even more special. Jen didn't need major hair or jewelry with this one -- the dress did the talking.

A classic style with solid historic roots and a flatter-anybody appeal, the peplum dress is back this fall and headed to your closet. Peplums got their start in the 1940's to create the illusion of womanly curves where there might be a lack. Today, they are a great choice for any of us who have … [Read more...]