Fall & Winter Maternity: Problem Solved.


Despite my constant whining, it was actually a lot easier to find maternity clothes for warmer temps. In my case, a smaller bump paired well with the summer weather but beyond that, a bohemian cotton frock is a lot friendlier to a widening middle than, say, denim can be. But as fall has made its … [Read more...]

Maternity Hacks for Those of You in Denial (Like Me)


We've talked before about how cheap-looking (and overpriced!) maternity clothes can be. Like many moms-to-be, I've been loving the fast-fashion prices and high-quality feel of ASOS Maternity and H&M Mama, but even still -- re-wardrobing oneself when you have a baby budget on the horizon can be … [Read more...]

Kevel Mommy: A Maternity Solution for Chic Moms Everywhere

photo 2 (16)

Okay, bad news first. In the six months since I got pregnant, I have found with very few exceptions that maternity clothes are either a) hideous, b) overpriced, or c) both. Tragic, no? For a fashionista who had a summer of crop tops and nipped-waist dresses on deck, the thrilling news this spring … [Read more...]

Celeb Style: Kate’s Maternity Wardrobe

Luxe Lace Maternity Dress | Seraphine Maternity

As I'm sure you've all heard by now - what with #royalbaby trending on Twitter and all - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby. For us here at All Things Chic, this exciting news obviously begs the question... what will Kate wear in the coming months? Kate's often-copied style is … [Read more...]

Ingrid & Isabel :: Spring 2012 Line

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You probably know Ingrid & Isabel from their genius Bellaband. But have you seen their clothes? Last week, I got to meet with Ingrid & Isabel founder, Ingrid Carney (who is completely delightful) and see a sneak peek of the new Spring 2012 line available this week. I was very impressed - … [Read more...]

Maternity Style: Rosie Pope

Hampton Tunic

I first discovered Rosie Pope while vegging out one day, flipping through the channels on TV. She has a show on Bravo called Pregnant in Heels, in which she is a "Maternity Concierge" to million-dollar mommies who desperately need her help with the silliest requests. For example? One woman … [Read more...]

Bump in Bloom


Even though snow is projected in my region in the near future {seriously, it's April - enough already} I can't help but get amped up for the options that I have for maternity-wear in the spring. Here are some of my favorite looks: Dress - Belt - Cardigan - Shoes I know, I know. A maxi dress for … [Read more...]

stressing about maternity fashion


I'll admit that when the excitment of finding out that I was pregnant subsided, I began to worry about silly, frivolous things. Like fashion. My due-date is sometime in August, and that means that I'll be the worst kind of pregnant during the worst time of the year to be pregnant. Y'see, here on … [Read more...]

maternity trend: lace


Ali Larter and Alanis Morisette glow in different lacey styles. Ali wore a short, fitted lace dress on the red carpet at the premiere of Secretariat. Alanis dressed up a casual outfit with her lace top while arriving at LAX with her husband, Mario Treadway. For the same feel of Ali's lace dress, … [Read more...]