Tried and True: Smashbox Foundation and Primer

I have been trying foundation brands since, oh, 1978. Back
when I had smooth, flawless skin that didn’t need covering AT ALL, but I wanted
to be all glam. The glam gal of Saginaw, Michigan. Whoo!

I am sad to say that I am 42 and I still break out, which is
insulting enough, but then on top of it, I am getting wrinkles, too. Okay,
thanks. Thanks for BOTH problems. I have a giant wrinkle between my eyebrows
that looks like I am a hawk. People keep coming up to me wearing those really
thick rubber gloves on one hand, in case I decide to land on their wrist.

In a nutshell, I am not so happy with the look of my skin.
And have I mentioned the Milky Way Galaxy called, and it can see my pores from
over there? Men keep arriving on my face early Saturday mornings, trying to tee
off. I got me some large pores, friends. 

This is why I’m glad that I discovered two products by
Smashbox. Smashbox has its own website, I just learned while trying to find out
how much these products cost so I could tell you because I am nice that way.
They also sell their wares at Nordstrom, and also on one of those shopping
networks, which they should just rename “Aunt Mary’s Station.” 

Every time my Aunt Mary sends me ANYTHING — Christmas
gifts, cookies she baked, the head of an Englishman — it comes to me in a QVC
box. I do not even know what QVC stands for. For my Aunt Mary, it stands for
Quite Vigorously Charging. 

ANYway, the first product Smashbox sells is Photo Finish
Foundation Primer
($36). I know that foundation primer sounds like a bunch of
hooey. Primer. What am I, a car? But I am not even making this up. It makes my
skin feel SO SMOOTH and it doesn’t feel oily at all. Plus, it makes the
foundation work so much better. Hence the term “primer,” I guess. 

You cannot have the primer without the Conversion Cream to
Powder Foundation
($32). I have tried to use each individually, and it just
isn’t the same. 


Once I got these products (I also bought the foundation
brush they sell, and I’m glad I did. I do not know if I’d get the same results
with the little foamy pad in that compact), for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (and
yes I DID need to shout), I got compliments on my skin. 

It was not my skin, folks. It was my Smashbox.

~ June, inc.

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  1. I’ll keep those brands on my short list to try. Off to tell my mom (i.e. the “Aunt Mary” QVC fan of my family) about “Quite Vigorously Charging.” LOL!

  2. I have wondered about the primer…Did you get the one with, or without sunscreen?

  3. Oh June, you are making me want to order this! I keep reading about this product everywhere. Sadly, there is no Sephora (or Nordstrom) near me. But, my pores do need help…

  4. Dear Nap Warden,

    I got it without, because when I first started buying this combo, they only HAD the without kind. However I’d love to give the suncreen one a try. Seems perfect to include sunscreen.

    And S.? You can always go on! Or! I guess getting the foundation color right may be annoying, but Nordstrom is great about returns.

  5. I have heard wonderful things about Smashbox, my moms loves them. I personally can’t afford anything like that. Would love to try it someday though. BTW, QVC stands for Quality, Value and Convenience. Please don’t ask how I know. LMAO

  6. I just started using primer and I love it. I seems to even out my skin and make it super silky. I have only used Bare Vitamins Prime Time. I may try some others some time.

  7. I use the Bare Vitamins as well. (And love it!) When I finish it I’d like to try the Smashbox…

  8. I LOVE the Smashbox Primer. I’ve used it for years and it’s one of my top makeup finds. Never leave home without it.