Why Jane Iredale is my new BFF

I’ve been a little slow to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon. The reason is two-fold:

1. I’m super self-conscious of the hyperpigmentation/sun damage on my face. I prefer a liquid foundation with significant coverage — allowing me to pretty much paint myself a perfect complexion each morning. Despite the claims, loose powder mineral foundations don’t seem to provide the kind of coverage I need.

2. On the few occasions when I have given mineral powder foundation a whirl, it never seems to last very long and — even worse — I see the makeup “settling” into fine lines.

But, I do love the concept of mineral makeup. After all, I apply foundation all over my face and it sits on my skin all day long. I’d much prefer to use a formulation that is free of preservatives and synthetic ingredients.

So, I did a little research and discovered that Jane Iredale made a liquid mineral foundation. Hooray! The best of both worlds! I went to the Jane Iredale website, searched for a local retailer and headed in to get color matched.

But when I got there, I was informed that Jane was discontinuing her liquid mineral formulation.


(UPDATED 2/19: Don’t miss the comment from Jane Iredale Marketing — they actually have not discontinued the Liquid Minerals Foundation, nor have any intention of discontinuing it. My clinician was just misinformed.)

“Do you want to try the PurePressed Base instead?” my clinician Sandy asked in the next breath.


I explained my concerns. I really needed something that was going to provide good coverage…yada, yada, yada. Your ol’ run-of-the-mill mineral foundation wasn’t going to do the trick.

Sandy assured me that Jane’s PurePressed Powder was just what I needed. Somewhat skeptical, I climbed onto the stool and sat patiently as Sandy brushed and blended the powder over my face. After several minutes she took a step back to survey her work. Just when I thought she would hand me a mirror to see for myself, she pulled this out instead:


Now. Here’s where you need to pay attention, because girls — I’m going to tell ya — this is where the money is. This is where the magic happens. This is where Jane Iredale and I become best friends for life.

The D20 Hydration Spray sets the foundation for long-lasting wear. Not only that, but it gives the powder foundation the finish of a liquid. Did you catch that? A mineral powder foundation that ends up looking like my beloved liquid foundation!

So, Sandy sprays my face. We wait a moment for it to dry and, then I look in the mirror.

It was perfection.

The hydration spray creates an almost airbrushed look. So natural. So light. I felt like I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. I fell in love right then and there.

This foundation is so good, I no longer need to apply concealer. And, because it has SPF 20, I can also skip my sunscreen. It’s an all-in-one kind of product. What’s more, it’s preservative-free and contains no talc, thus making it a “true” mineral makeup. And it lasts for hours.

I prefer a matte finish to my makeup, so I only apply the PurePressed Powder. But, for those of you who like a “dewy” finish, or if your skin tends to be dry, you can follow up the PurePressed Powder with an application of the Amazing Base Loose Powder:


Sandy applied my PurePressed Powder with the Jane Iredale Handi Brush:


A quick word about the Handi Brush. When I was getting ready to make my purchase, the thrifty girl inside of me desperately wanted to skip the Handi Brush. I was sure I could find something cheaper.

But, then I came to my senses.

If you’re going to invest in the makeup, for the love of all things sacred, invest in the right application tools. You are not saving money by not buying the brush. The powder is designed to be applied with the Handi Brush. The flat face of the brush ensures that the powder is applied evenly and that you don’t waste product. In the long run, using the right tool will save you money. Promise.

(Jumping off my soapbox now…)

Jane Iredale is quality makeup, but it’s not cheap. The PurePressed Powder retails for $48. The Hydration Spray is $17.50. The brush retails for $39.

But in the end, I’d give up a daily meal before I’d give up buying this makeup.

Seriously. I love it that much.

But don’t just take my word for it. Go here to find a Jane Iredale retailer near you and go in to get color matched.

Who knows? Jane might just turn out to be your new BFF too.

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  1. Interesting. I’m intrigued.

  2. Hi there,
    I am the Internet Marketing manager at jane iredale, and I just wanted to clear up that we are definitley NOT and have never considered discontinuing Liquid Minerals, a wonderful and beloved product! I am a little bummed that your clinician told you that, but all’s well that ends well. I am thrilled you found your true love in PurePressed base, the Handi and D20. You are so right about investing in the whole system. It is totally worth it. But if you want to try Liquid Minerals too, you can just jump on your keyboard, head over to janeiredaledirect.com and check it out (tip: get the Foundation or Blending Brush to go with it).

  3. This looks right up my alley!! I have just very recently discover mineral makeup – but I’m not “sold” on the foundation because I don’t feel like I get the coverage I want/need.

    It’s not easy being beautiful is it? LOL


  4. Oh, I can get this at my gym!!! I am desperately in need of new foundation and powder and maybe the minerals are my ticket.

    Love that brush. I am so with you – gotta have the right tools!

  5. Just so you know, I bought the liquid foundation a while ago and I really did not like it. The color and texture were weird and you would still need to apply the powder on top of the foundation to get decent coverage. I love Jane Iredale products too. That spray really is magical. I’m constantly checking out new, natural foundations. I find that most are yellow/orange…I have pretty fair skin so that just doesn’t work. Jane Iredale really has one of the best color selections and a powder that matches my skin tone very nicely!

  6. Hey, DeAnn —

    Sorry that your experience with the liquid foundation wasn’t great. I’ve been using the liquid for several months now, but just now decided to switch back to the powder. The main reason has to do with how long it lasts. I love the liquid and its coverage, but it doesn’t last me more than a month and a half. For $46, that’s pretty pricey every two months or so. I can get a few more months out of the powder, so I’m switching back.

    In my opinion, Jane Iredale makes a superior product. I can’t see switching my foundation ever. I love it.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂