Organic Foundation That Rocks!

First, I would like to introduce myself; I’m, Kellie…one of the new girls here at Chic Critique. I’m excited to bring my opinions to the CC table where they will be in good company with those of many fabulous women. You might come to know me as the “organic beauty one”. I figured, I might as well give you a quirky nic-name to call me. So, that brings us to the business of this post…my pick for organic foundation, concealer, and powder.

The Quest

If you have ever searched for good, organic cosmetics, you probably, like me, have been disappointed in the selection. Either they don’t measure up in the wear ability department or they aren’t actually organic (even though they say they are). Dilemma. Though I’m not what some would call a die-hard all-naturalle woman, I do try to make better choices for my skin and overall health. It’s easy to find good natural products in which to care for your skin (heck, you can make your own), but the whole foundation and color cosmetics thing is so much harder…and then, I found the “ONE” that, by the way, is also affordable!

Physicians Formula Rocks

organic-wear_home1Yes, the band was playing “Oh, Happy Day” in the background the day I discovered an organically- based foundation that lived up to my strict standards! Physicians Formula, Organic Wear ® is not only a winner as a natural product but competes with standard bases as well. The Tinted Moisturizer is light, blendable, and stays fresh for hours. The line offers an actual foundation that is a little heavier than the one I use but is equally wonderful.

My big attraction to this break-through product was the label. They had me at 100% Free of Parabens but really swept me off me feet at 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Preservatives, Genetically Modified Organisms, Synthetic Colors and Fragrances, and the drum-roll please…it is also Cruelty Free. Hallelujah…in the non-religious sense!

Additional Products

With a base, whether it is a tinted moisturizer or the foundation, I use a concealer for under eye circles and a lightconcealer powder over my entire face. I was psyched that this line has both.

Talk about green make-up; the concealer is of 100% natural origin with 72.5% of its ingredients coming from organic farms. Impressive. It comes in a tube -much like lipstick- and gives nice coverage for dark circles, skin discoloration, and blemishes. If you dab it on with your finger, the look is flawless. I also recommend warming it up on the back of your hand first as this keeps it from getting flaky throughout the day. The powder comes in a nice little compact of Eco-conscious packaging, of course, and has a quality brush in which to apply it. You can use it alone or with the base products.

So, Ladies, if you are looking for healthy, eco-certified cosmetics, these are for you! I couldn’t be happier with them. Another great thing is they are available at your local drugstore and online at Physicians Formula and can be returned if you are not completely satisfied with them. Give them a try, and don’t forget to let us know what you think. Cheers!

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  1. Welcome Kellie!!

    I have loved the Physicians Formula products for years and I just bought my first powder from the organic line… can’t wait to try it!

  2. Thanks Sarah!

    I have used some of their products for a long time too. The Organic Wear is by far the best line they’ve come up with so far! I really want to try the eyeshadows and blushes as well.

  3. Oh, I’ve been looking for an organic/chemical free foundation. It actually looks affordable, too!!! Thanks for this and I am looking forward to hearing more from the “organic beauty one” for sure!

    Welcome, Kellie!

  4. Kellie, this looks great! And I can’t wait to hear more of your organic suggestions. I’ve just started looking into organic skincare, and so far I haven’t found much.

  5. Awesome post, Kellie! A little while ago, I blogged about my experiences using Physician’s Formula Organic Wear powder (which I still use every day!) Isn’t it wonderful that organic beauty is going more mainstream these days? I haven’t gotten a chance to use the rest of the products in the line, but I hear they also make natural make-up wipes, which are always great for those lazy or late nights. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!