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It’s been a crazy week in our house. (What is it about a Monday school holiday that seems to have you behind the eight ball the rest of the week?) In the interest of time (mine and yours) I thought I’d share a few quick links to things that have been on my radar screen as of late.

1. Hair Poofing 101 — True confession time. I’m kind of intrigued with the Bumpits. No — I haven’t bought one — but as someone who constantly struggles with flat hair, I can’t help but wonder. Does it really stay in? Does it really look natural? Would people think I look like a pageant queen? Do people really wear them???? Well, in lieu of the Bumpits, try this hilarious (but very helpful) vlog post instead. It pretty much changed my hair life. I’m sportin’ some serious volume now — no Bumpits required. Be transformed, my sisters.

2. Here’s a great way to waste a few hours: dresshollywood.com. Basically, it’s a site that takes a slew of designer clothing bought for television and movies, and sells it at uber-affordable prices. Like this gorgeous Sue Wong halter gown for only $99 that was bought for Boston Legal:

sue wong halter gown

Or, how about this pair of $50 Citizens of Humanity straight leg pants (new, with tags!) from P.S. I Love You, or this red Ralph Lauren silk scarf that was bought for The Nanny Diaries (it’s yours for $9.99!)?

Me? I’m currently coveting these Christian Louboutin round-toe pumps bought for Michelle Williams’ character in Push (while I wouldn’t normally classify the $200 price tag as uber-affordable, it is uber-affordable for Christian Louboutin). Fortunately for my checkbook, while Michelle and I share the same name, we don’t share the same shoe size. 🙂

christian louboutin

3. Thimbler.com — Jean shopping comes right after bathing suit shopping on my list of “Things I Really Hate to Do.” Have you ever noticed that you can pull three pairs of jeans in the same size off the rack and each will fit you differently? Obnoxious.

The folks at Thimbler, they understand this agony. For about $90, the designers at Thimbler will custom-make a pair of jeans according to your personal measurements and specifications.

Thimbler was kind enough to let me try out the process and made a pair of jeans for me. I was pretty skeptical — especially when my first pair came back and did not fit in the waist. But, Thimbler has a customer satisfaction, money-back guarantee — if you’re not happy with your purchase, they’ll replace it or repair it at no charge and no shipping fees. If you’re still not happy, they’ll send you a refund.

So, I contacted customer service and sent them a few pictures. They immediately assessed the problem and made me a brand-new pair. The end result is a pair of dark wash, straight-leg jeans that fit me like a glove. If you consistently have problems finding jeans that fit you properly, Thimbler may be the answer to your prayers.

That’s all I’ve got. What beauty and fashion links have y’all come across lately?

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  1. I am so intrigued with Thimbler! I’d love to see a photo of you wearing them. *hint*

    And those pumps. TO DIE FOR. And I *think* I may be a 38. I need to check upstairs. Hmmm…

  2. Love those pumps!
    I’d like to see pics of your Thimbler jeans, too! What a great idea!

  3. Oh no, dresshollywood.com is going to suck me in, I just know it!

    Thimbler sounds awesome! $90 for a custom pair of jeans is outstanding! I must try them out! Thanks!

  4. it is so funny you talk about bumpits!! I have apic on my blog… new post, about the new style!!

  5. just started reading your blog and i love it! already linked you in a post re: the new way to wear a scarf. and now…some amazing websites…thanks!

    p.s. friend bought the bump-it and it definitely does not work.